Parasmal Jain, MD, Fybros

Parasmal Jain is the Managing Director of Fybros. He has been associated with the Company since its inception as promoter. He is responsible for the overall working of Fybros and is instrumental in making strategic decisions for the Company. He has done his graduation in commerce and has over 25 years of experience in electrical industry. Under his guidance, “KUNDAN CAB” and “FYBROS” became renowned brands in the Electrical Industry with an excellent reputation for quality products.


Switchgears are intrinsically used to control power supply, including connecting, operating, protecting, or even disconnecting the electrical supply, thus ensuring 100% safety. Fybros brings you an advanced range of the switchgear– MCBs, RCCBs, Rewirable Switchgear, Changeover Switches, and a variety of aesthetically designed Distribution Boards.

They perform many vital set of functions in the industrial arena. The primary functioning of switchgear involves protection, isolation, and control. In addition, it is actively engaged in the prevention of short-circuits. Henceforth, they are usually coupled with circuit breakers and fuses.
Depending on prevailing conditions, it can either complete or break the electric supply. In case of an emergency, the switchgear comes handy to curb the electric supply.

In the current unprecedented times, where budget optimization and system up-time are the top-most priority, product shelf-life plays a major role. By maintaining the product well and following essential strategic tips, extending the life of the switchgears becomes easy.

Here are the top tips to extend the life of your switchgears.

1. Spot the loose bus connection by thermal imaging

As an old saying “A stitch in time saves nine.” To ensure your electronics and equipment are functioning to their best, it is essential to spot the faults early on and get them repaired. This can be done perfectly through thermal imaging regularly to avoid complete system outage.

2. Follow the maintenance guidelines properly

Inspecting, tightening, cleaning, and exercising the switchgear is necessary from time to time. Based on the functional environment, the frequency of these activities might change. Lubricating the switchgear is also required to ensure no equipment degradation and smooth functioning.

3. Annual Maintenance Contract

Each product has a specific individual shelf-life. This useful life is most significant at the beginning of the operation and decreases over time due to many reasons such as operational issues, power fluctuations, & unfavorable environmental conditions. In order to offer proper support, there are numerous reliable tailored service contracts that basically cover the entire life cycle hence, supporting the optimal utilization of all electrical products.

4. Keep a Track.

Monitoring your switchgear regularly is imperative to ensure any break-down, wear and tear, or insulation degradation is detected well beforehand and corrective measures are taken. In addition, ensure that you follow all the maintenance instructions shared to you by the service/product provider. Finally, keep track of the data to monitor the performance of your switchgear.

5. Stay Up-to-date

It is a cost-effective and low-maintenance technique. Moreover, rather than purchasing the complete new set, upgrading the already existing set is not only budget-friendly but a sure shot life-extending hack.

Fybros being a smart energy creator, design switchgears strictly under customer’s requirements. By complying with the proper Certifications and Safety Regulations, the company ensures that all the safety & health regulations are followed. Fybros is well-known for its certified quality products. The switchgears including Armor series, Nuevo series etc. are products designed with such perfection and style that they will add to the elegance of your commercial or residential spaces.

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