Navin Mishra, Director- Emerging Market, Corient BusinessSolutions Pvt Ltd

Navin is an experienced finance and accounting (F&A) operations specialist with 20 years in the outsourcing industry. He has strategically led the development of several workflows, reconciliations, process re-engineering, operations management tools, and setting up greenfield operations like Payroll and Financial Research.


The Chief information officer is in charge of overseeing people, processes, and technologies within a company’s IT infrastructure to ensure they deliver the best outcomes for the betterment of the goals of the company. Going through a setback is normal and every day happening for a business, in order to reach success, one needs to have a taste of failure. What makes the company a success, is how they deal with and navigate through these setbacks.

In an increasingly competitive global market, companies continue to look for ways to enhance their competitive edge without sacrificing profits. Corporations are beginning to realize the competitive advantage that Information Technology (IT) can provide. Furthermore, these corporations are realizing it is costly, difficult, and risky to stay current with technology. With digital transformation taking a peak, companies are now more than ever, realizing that their success is dependent on their ability to use information technology in a way that sets them apart from their competitors. To manage in a competitive market, businesses need to stay on top of all the technological trends, for they will need a strong partner to support either growth by providing Skilled resources, developing the right technology to manage business change, or guiding them to make better decisions. Not only to maintain competitive advantage but also to deal with setbacks an outsourcing provider paves the way.

Taking into consideration the covid-19 pandemic, it is important for companies to have a clear plan for collaborating with their outsourcing providers, including employee safety, work-at-home data security, business continuity, and financial resilience. Among managing other things, The CIO of a company needs to make a decision on whether to outsource services to ensure business continuity in times of global lockdown or to better manage IT costs in anticipation of potentially challenging economic times. As the paradigm shift from in-office work to work from home, organizations have started to reconsider roles.

Outsourcing services, over the years, have proven to be successful due to lower costs of resources and getting a more skilled workforce. No matter what organization, outsourcing your services provides the ability to focus on more core problems. Outsourcing your IT problems means that someone skilled and professional is doing your task. Each day, they are putting out IT fires or preparing infrastructure and architecture in the best way possible. Interested in moving to the cloud? Then they’re your best bet. Concerned about cyberattacks? They take best practices into account from day one. Worried about business continuity? An MSP can organize your systems and processes for maximum availability.

The organization needs to ensure that the appropriate IT service-level agreements and security requirements are met. Moreover, the IT department may need to review the service provider’s business continuity plans and disaster recovery plans to ensure that they meet the company’s standards. In cases where the organization retains most of its IT responsibilities, new users will be able to access company systems. CIOs who invest where they have advantages today will have a better chance of retaining a healthy IT department tomorrow, one that provides strategic value to the business even as IT’s the traditional currency of value moves to lower-cost providers.

The world is changing at a competitive pace and nobody is aware of what lies ahead, so the organizations need to be prepared. For this, businesses need to be able to stay focused on their core issues, We, at Corient businesses use our best assets i.e people and technology to deliver the services. We help our clients grow and effectively compete with the large corporates in, an ever-changing and challenging business environment. We continuously evolve ourselves to better our services and offerings and not shy away from any new challenges.

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