Pushkar Verma, Director, Cloud Wizard Consulting

Pushkar Verma, Director of Cloud Wizard Consulting is an Engineer (Computer Science) and a Postgraduate from the Nottingham Trent University, UK in International Business. He is an enthusiastic and committed individual working to help organizations and IT professionals by providing them with access to AWS classroom training programs. He has been associated with AWS in delivering their Classroom based training across India since 2014. He leads a young team at Cloud Wizard for our training delivery initiatives across India and SAARC countries. In his previous roles, he worked across different geographies from India to the UK in diverse roles in Sales, Marketing and Business Development.


As we are moving towards the fourth industrial revolution phase, new-age technologies are the core of the transformation in high-performance companies. Many industry leaders believe that the operations of the organizations are becoming more complex, and they have evolved completely in terms of how they create value for their customers. However, to compete in the fast-paced market, companies must constantly develop their technology architecture according to the market trends. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud computing, and many more are finding greater use in the fields such as the automobile, retail, banking, etc. just to name a few. 

Therefore, organizations are looking for a complete solution to gradually distribute their workload, manage operations, and reduce costs.  And that’s where Amazon Web Services (AWS) comes into action. AWS has a brief history of supporting several businesses in their cloud-based application and data storage. Along with this, it can also facilitate businesses to become high performing. 

Characteristics of a High-performance Business

Higher maturity increases the agility of a company and thus enhances its performance. Deloitte, in a survey, states that the companies adapting to rapid digital transformation reached high maturity and experienced a 45% increase in revenue growth. 

As the IT sector has developed, companies are now demanding advanced solutions that can cater to their business needs. Companies understand the complexity of IT infrastructure and need to improve their data security with reliability. This is why they are constantly upgrading their operations on the cloud.  As per a report by Statista (2022), 60% of the corporate data of worldwide companies is now stored on the cloud. This statistic indicates that the trend of cloud storage is growing and will surge in the times to come. 

The performance of the companies depends on the fact that how well they allocate their resources. Better cooperation between the departments working together to attain a common goal of customer satisfaction is also an important factor driving the growth. Various industry experts believe that companies cannot grow if they cannot assess their outcomes and strategize with the needs of the industry.  Even cost plays a significant role in the industry where financial efficiency can enhance the performance of an organization when infused with pragmatic models. 

AWS: Catalyst in the growth of the companies

Companies must make faster decisions and incorporate the latest technologies to operate seamlessly in flourishing markets. Business operations can be intricate, and developing in-house technology can be a costly option for enterprises. Furthermore, the extra time taken to deploy the solution can drift employees away from the goals and thus depreciate the overall performance of the business. Furthermore, adapting to this technology can take time and maintenance of data servers can increase costs for the companies.

In such a scenario, AWS emerges to be an effective solution for companies looking to enrich their performance. The most substantial benefit of this cloud solution platform is flexibility. Known to be one of the best Infrastructure-as-a-Solution (IaaS), AWS provides a virtual platform with a choice of selecting programming language, database, and web app platform. Unlike other vendors, the companies are not locked in a particular plan that could utilize their cost and time. Instead, they provide freedom to the organizations to operate in the way they intend to, and they only pay for the tools they choose to implement. AWS even enables customization of your business platforms. This is beneficial for organizations as this approach can strengthen their relationship with customers and expand their customer base.

Data security and reliability are crucial points when it comes to testing the robustness of the business. AWS has specific solutions that allow distinctive access to the enterprise data that is restrictive to the public. Adding to it, the built-in firewall protects data against malicious attacks. The enterprises can function sufficiently when they have secured their official data. Another performance enhancement factor of AWS is its ability to provide scalability. In addition, when the team faces any technical issues, experts are always available to provide solutions and resolve the queries immediately yet effectively. 

AWS: A necessity for high-performance businesses 

As experienced by many industry leaders, the working model of the companies is changing rapidly. To maintain the robustness of the organization, they need to adapt strategies that facilitate high-performance work culture. Creating a high-performance company not only requires a strategic approach, but also behavioural and technical innovation. While introducing new technology, it takes significant time to train the employees and skill them so that they can master the tech solution. With a plethora of benefits, Amazon Web Services caters to creating a user-friendly structure. It provides flexibility to the companies embracing their services and hence is a necessity for high-performance businesses in today’s times. 

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