Karan Gupta, Founder, GoofyTails

Karan Gupta – Founder of Goofy Tails, is a resident of New Delhi and Alumni of Modern School Delhi. Born and brought up around pets and animals – Karan had set up a community portal of Pet Lovers and Owners by the name of Pet Club India. First of its kind in India – it was a common forum to bring pet lovers and owners together. Under Pet Club India’s stray care program, he has over 30 + stray animals on his farm in his native city ( Hoshiarpur, Punjab ). Pet Club India ensures the basic needs of vaccination and food are taken care of but not disturbing their ecosystem. With a vision to make pet parenting a joy by selling and servicing a pet and pet parents needs with compassion, Karan launched Goofy Tails in 2017-18.


The onset of the Pandemic disrupted our lives in the most unpredicted ways, especially those of pet owners. The regular dog walks were impacted; pets in small apartments adapted to potty training pads. The professional salon grooming was replaced with bucket baths. For a few who could spend more – they relied on new age grooming vans or sulphate-free shampoos and anti-tick treatments for the pets. The pet industry saw a soaring increase of 30% in food and treats and a 20% increase in grooming essentials during the lockdown.

There has been a drastic increase in pet owners and stray care NGOs during the pandemic. After dog products were added to the list of essential items, the online pet stores had to implement a special workforce to deliver these orders.

After the pandemic, there has been a significant rise in pet adoptions. People living in studio apartments and high-rise buildings have included pets in their lifestyles and are more inquisitive about pet services than ever before. Not just dogs, there has also been an increasing trend in adoptions of cats, hamsters, and small animals. Cat ownership has gone up by 40% during the pandemic. In fact, first time dog parents have become parents to cats during the pandemic.

  • Pets have helped people overcome the loneliness and despondency that isolation brought along. People stuck in their houses with almost no social interaction have been hit by mental health and depression. Pet ownership and parenting has helped owners overcome these challenges or reduce them partially.
  • Pet parenting has brought in joy, compassion, and a reason to wake up from your bed and give a sense of companionship.

One of the significant changes this pet industry has brought in the shift from pet ownership to pet parenting. Your pet is no longer a guard dog to keep the strangers at bay! They are like your babies. They need a bed, a blanket, a fancy bowl, a bow tie to look dapper, and some tasty gluten-free treats. This trend has particularly become popular during the pandemic and has changed the pet products industry. It is no longer about pet food and a leash for your dog.

After the terrible 2nd COVID wave, as India has started recovering and venturing out, a common rising trend is people travelling – not with friends or large families but their pets. People are opting for pet friendly hotels, holiday homes and AirBnb type apartments where pets are welcome. Not just travel Pet Birthday parties – dog and cat gut friendly birthday cakes, dog beer (actually bone broth), dog and cat friendly custom hampers is another popular outcome after India has come out of its 2nd wave of COVID.

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