Meenakshi Kalsi, Managing Partner, Metro & Metro Shoes

With the succession and years of hard work, Kalsi became one of the first women entrepreneurs to hold a position in the upper echelons of the company. Once married into the Kalsi household, Meenakshi joined the family business and took her time to not only comprehend the various functions of the business but also gradually yet confidently improvise by adding value to the product and helping in the growth of the company. Seven years later, Meenakshi finally took the Managing Partner position.


With the constant change in the technologies and increased number of competitors in the market. There is a need for enhancements to stay in the market.  Online deals are supposed to drive future development in the extravagance products market. But one thing is sure no matter what the circumstances are around the constant evolving cycle of buying and selling in the market or either purchase and the sales of the products online has a very shining and promising future as the demands of the people can never really come to an end. 

As a fact, Every seller tries to come up with a new marketing strategy to compete with other companies and to satisfy the customer’s needs with the best quality and services. Nowadays the word e-commerce as the name suggests has taken over the market with its incredible and unusual benefits that bring together the top premium brands and sellers under one roof and make it easier for the buyers to choose from a variety of options available online. Various luxury E-commerce giants like Amazon, nykaa , flipkart have also started roping in premium brands to grab the attention of more and more people through their online businesses. 

As In the past, we all have suffered due to the pandemic (covid-19) that got the world over its knees. People were stuck in their homes, and were not able to go out of their homes to meet their basic needs. In this scenario, Premium brands were no exception, they were also going through a huge loss as nobody was turning up to their stores and there was a massive amount of decrease in the sales but, this does mean that the brands have stopped experimenting, on the contrary, to compensate for these misfortunes, E-commerce has been the greatest support for many entrepreneurs as well as for the people as needs of the customers were fulfilled just by accessing the e-commerce sites and buying the products on those sites. In this way, none of us was deprived of anything. E-commerce helped businesses to get through the hard times also. That is why the Luxury E-commerce giants are also successfully roping in premium brands as without any second thought E-commerce has always been in the favour of both the buyers and the sellers. 

The scope of buying, selling, marketing, delivery and the payment of the products online has always been a safe and quick approach. Nowadays, even individuals prefer to buy their choice of products online without wasting much of their time or money. Online shopping is more convenient and hassle-free as you can easily choose and buy your favourite products with a wide range of options available online. The exchange and refund process of the product is also very smooth and does not create any kind of problems for the buyers or the sellers at all. Almost every product is available online for the customers and now premium brands have also vowed to embrace eCommerce and advanced development. 

In the past, premium brands were not a part of the E-commerce chain but now things have taken a turn and there has been a shift towards their way of selling the products. Premium brands are also taking interest in making their products accessible online with some good selling options to a wide extent. Whether it is joining hands with multi-brands online sites or launching their very own sites digitally, they are very much keen to promote their brands, as this further helps their brands to reach a large number of people, their products get widely recognised and it eventually helps to boost the sale of their products. 

So far, these digital networks of e-commerce sites have successfully provided support and extraordinary benefits to premium brands and provided an amazing web-based shopping experience to its customers for worldwide reach. Ecommerce has helped to transform the luxury industry and had a larger impact on the marketplace. For luxury retailers, it is an immense opportunity to start over with a fresh and innovative approach and to take over the marketplace once again. Even now the Premium brands have already started to gain benefits from e-commerce post quarantine as people are more reliable on digital platforms and feel more confident while shopping from the sites. 

Every other individual would be comfortable shopping online rather than going to the stores. Indeed, the pandemic has changed the overall way of living and transformed the shopping experience for every individual and will continue to show exceptional growth in the marketplace. Premium brands are taking a lot of advantages from these swift changes and their sales are on boom as now their brands are easily accessible in stores and on luxury e-commerce giants.

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