Jayendra Desai, Managing Director, Unistanz Software Private Limited

Serving as Managing Director Of Unistanz Software Private Limited for 18 years now, Mr. Jayendra Desai specializes in providing software products and IT Services across numerous domains and technology platforms. Mr. Desai has also been a crucial part of launching QuickReco Tool, an efficient and user-friendly Tool that can automate manual Excel Operations by a 100%.  Now in his new role as an advisory, a new period of deep learning has started as stated by Mr. Desai. In his previous experience, he has worked with eminent organizations like Mutual Industries Limited, Reliance Industries Limited and Lauren Information Technologies Pvt Ltd.  The entrepreneur has done an Advanced Diploma in Systems Management, Computer Software Engineering from the National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) and Plastic Engineering from Shri Bhagubhai Mafatlal Polytechnic.


The modern business environment is powered by technology in nearly every aspect. In order to remain competitive in the fast-paced digital world, IT infrastructure needs to be reliable, secure, and most importantly, flexible and accessible. When managed, maintained, and supported properly, IT infrastructure can help an organization achieve its goals as well as gain a competitive advantage.

With on-site IT and technical support services, you get the chance to quickly troubleshoot and resolve all issues. From software to hardware and network resources, the experts will be available to you at every hour of the day at your place of work to help save your time and money by acting quickly and efficiently including upgrading your company’s resources, adding new functionality and installing specialized software across the company. Today, onsite resource deployment not only provides a seamless workflow to the organizations but also boosts efficiency, helps to drive down costs, and speeds up the implementation of strategic initiatives, thus enabling them to lead in the global arena. It provides them with the necessary services, talent, quality, and scale, facilitating adjustment of the capability to match demand.

How Onsite deployment delivers operational efficiency?

In addition to providing you with technical support, onsite IT services also offer you peace of mind and a little less stress throughout the day. Almost paying for itself in the long run, but there are other reasons why it definitely pays for itself.

  • Review and recommend improvements to your existing processes.
  • Reduce overhead and provide significant cost savings.
  • Multiple locations throughout India can be established.
  • Recruitment of local resources to improve stability.
  • Train onsite staff regularly to ensure they are aware of best practices and equipped to implement them.
  • The ability to scale up both in size and scope.

With an onsite engagement that includes resources across more time zones, 24*7 resource availability, and faster response times to changing customer requirements, a robust foundation can be built for a lasting relationship.

Industry giants like Unistanz understand the importance of getting the right expertise at the right price and time. With on-site deployment services like Requirement Analysis, Candidate Selection & Shortlisting, Personality Test, Online Technical Test, Machine Test, and Technical Interview, the company follows a rigorous selection process in order to adhere to the requirements of the clients.

According to the Annual Global CEO study, 77% of 1,300 global CEOs say they rely on operations to boost their revenue. Having a smooth workflow for front- and back-end processes, from distribution to marketing, can reduce the time and resources needed to run operations effectively. By reducing operational issues and promoting business process flow, increased efficiency provides customer and employee satisfaction while boosting the bottom line.

Businesses that want to improve employee productivity, profitability, and long-term sustainability should measure operational efficiency. As a metric, it is not a standalone measure, but rather a combination of several variables. When organizations understand that, they will be able to satisfy their customers. As a result, it will be able to drive operations in a cost-effective way, keep the competition at bay, and also see its bottom line grow.

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