Rajnish Jain, Founder, Crossword PR

Rajnish Jain is the founder of Crossword Public Relations. He established CrosswordPR in September of 2014. Rajnish has more than a decade of expertise in the areas of public relations and marketing. He has worked with some of the most well-known businesses in the world, contributing to their growth and development. In the field of public relations, Rajnish Jain was recently honored with “The Game Changers Business Awards 2019.” And also Ms. Swati Maliwal honored him with the Janasharnam Award, 2019 for his commitment to women’s empowerment in society.


It was still in its beginnings when I initially started working for a public relations agency. Since then, things have altered tremendously. People only had a hazy understanding of public relations (PR) a decade ago. The majority of people nowadays, however, are aware of what public relations are and what we do as public relations specialists. There has been a boom in the digital market in recent years, and things have drastically changed as a result of the pandemic; now, new entrepreneurs and brands want more visibility in the digital world and more media coverage; and everyone, from startups to leading companies, is looking for the best PR services to achieve their goals.

Although the principle of public relations appears to be straightforward, it is not without its own set of challenges and responsibilities. PR is adapting in tandem with societal and technological advancements. The layers of public relations differ from one another. One of them is contemporary public relations. The concept of public relations encompasses not just promotion but also the concept of sustaining mutually beneficial connections between businesses and the general public.

In the dynamic industry of public relations, data is having a huge impact. Today’s audiences are technologically savvy and aware of everything that is occurring online, physically, and socially around them. In recent years, their reliance on technology has grown in their everyday lives. Thanks to digital and social media communications, PR firms now have a new approach to reaching out to a brand’s target audience. The business is taking a new direction. One is coming up with a concept and planning around it in such a way that it can be executed quickly, and the other is coming up with innovative and unique social media campaigns to increase brand recognition.

Influencer marketing has been prominent in recent years. Bloggers have grown in prominence as well, and those that are reputable might be your go-to person when you need to get the word out about your brand or startup. Influencer outreach has gotten a lot of attention in the last several years as a way for PR professionals to help both the influencer and the company. In order to reach a larger audience, it’s crucial to target relevant influencers.

At the end of the day, every PR firm strives to deliver satisfying services to customers, with the ultimate objective of exceeding all client expectations. It is critical to ensure that the product or service is flawless. Businesses wanting press attention after introducing a product or a brand should make sure that the brands or business’s main feature is consistent with the idea and addresses the problem it was established to address initially.

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