Pranjal Kamra, CEO, Finology

Edifying over 1.3 million investors in India with in-depth market insights, Pranjal Kamra is the Founder and CEO of Finology, India’s biggest financial education and one-stop investment platform. At Finology, Pranjal holds the baton for Strategic Initiatives, Capital Allocation, and is also the face of the brand on its YouTube channel.


These are tough times for entrepreneurs for sure, but as history tells us, only tough times create leaders. As the countrywide lockdown has forced consumers to stay indoors, startups have adapted to the current challenge by redefining their ways of communicating with consumers. They are engaging with their consumers through a redefined social media strategy.

What you need to know about the new social media strategy

As a startup, you do not require to build your own sales platform to follow Reebok’s proven strategy for closing sales. You can use popular tools like Chirpify and Like2Buy to connect your featured products to accessible platforms for purchases.

TOP Trending Social media marketing tool for startup

You can easily rely on prized platforms like Curate, Shoppable, and Like2Buy. For instance, like2Buy is a platform that converts Instagram likes into mobile sales. Users are automatically directed to a page of the brand’s featured products while abolishing the need to search for a product/service opening in a separate browser.

Platforms like these are creating opportunities that are fulfilling for both B2B and B2C strategies. These allow the brand entity to promptly respond to queries or sales questions and, at the same time, facilitate users to commit to a purchase.

Best ways to Promote startup on social media

Possibly the best way to engage users online or offline is to break through the clutter, be everywhere, and be ahead of time. This will instigate people to call to action and look past the product. Now let’s discuss how startups are becoming the social media sensation.

Snap Stories Makes for Great Startup Sell-out

Marketing the Startup through Snap Stories is vast and running prominent influencer campaigns on Snapchat is what pulls people to the app. With over 100 million Snapchat users that watch about 10 billion videos daily is making startups enjoy social media presence like never before.

Engaging Reader’s Post

Engaging posts can be anything from text content, infographics to the logo, and live videos. You can make engaging content by merely including a questionnaire, fill in the blank, compelling challenges, wishes, quotes, giveaways, etc. However, the content must be of high quality that it aligns with the targeted audience. Not only does engaging content offer remarkable value in return but creates emotional connect with the users that sets an optimistic paradigm for long-term relationships.

Boosting Brand Awareness

Irrespective of the domain, you can transform your business into a money-making avenue sharing it on social media. Miz Mooz, for instance, a shoe startup born & based in New York, used YouTube to acquire nationwide identification. The brand made a persuasive April Fools video “Selfie Shoes” parody that garnered 2.6 million views on Youtube, installing displays in national publications.

Creating Social Media Campaigns

Make sure to educate and entertain in every post, picture, or tweet. But Faking would do more bad than good. A tool that can be helpful for this strategy is Twitter. It allows you to amplify your brand campaign’s reach through niche hashtags (ex: #athomefitness).

Involving a Growing Community

Take your social media engagement a ladder up by executing interactive elements. SnapApp, for instance, joins forces with startups to create interactive media and marketing material that adapts to social media channels. Follow Buzzfeed’s lead and begin with quizzes, solving puzzles encourages social sharing.

Hearsay of Stakeholders

Social media presents exemplar ways to hear out clients, consumers, and competitors, allowing the brand to head in the right direction. Social Media tools like Social Mention enable brands to listen to what people are saying about them. Moreover, Facebook and Twitter’s indigenous poll feature also acts as a measuring index. It communicates your community’s viewpoints on just about anything from a new product launch to competitor’s product/price and trend within your industry.

Live Video Streaming

What’s a better way to engage and influence the target audience than coming in direct contact with them? What if just 15-30 minutes each day of a live video helps to earn revenue significantly and to last in any economy. However, online businesses that offer “live chat,” where the wait is longer than quarantine itself is more of a disaster marketing. Following this fact, make sure you make videos that are demonstrative, appealing, and not intruding.

Live or Non-Live

According to visual marketing findings for 2020, user engagement rates with TikTok have an average rate of 144.9 per cent whereas, selected types of posts on FaceBook pages globally reported 6.15 per cent user engagement during the first quarter of 2020.

Comparatively, live videos on Facebook are packed with more value than the non-live videos. The ‘average user engagement rate’ with live videos is close to 4.3% compared to 2.2% for non-live or live but sound off videos.


Besides those mentioned above, there are distinct domain platforms as well. Social media is a tool that is allowing startups to reduce their marketing budgets without compromising with their business goals. But, before choosing any social media channel what you need to identify is where your startup’s associated audience exists to extract earmarked sales.


More About Pranjal Kamra

The foray of Pranjal to the equity market was rather coincidental as he was still pursuing BA LLB (Hons.) from Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur back then. The market first caught his attention while watching a TV show with his father. After depicting interest, his father gave him the opportunity to manage a sum of Rs. 20,000. Within 10 months, Pranjal multiplied the investment by 10-fold and got hooked onto the market after that.

Later, he enrolled himself in a Post Graduate Program of National Institute of Securities Market. Since then, Pranjal has been extending all of his domain knowledge and insights to the Indian investors via his YouTube channel and the Finology platform. Finology was launched in 2017 with a singular vision to help Indian investors in every possible way. It includes basic and advanced financial education, access to Enterprise-grade research tools, and wealth management insights that are free of financial selling, thereby truly democratizing the market for everyone. His constant efforts have received the support of over 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube. They have also made Finology the first SEBI-registered firm based out of Chattisgarh. To simplify investments for modern investors, Pranjal has recently launched ‘Ticker’ for making an in-depth research and relevant correlations easier.

Pranjal deeply values the role of a team in an organization and considers it as the biggest asset of the company. The sense of togetherness that prevails in the team has enabled Finology to maintain a low attrition rate throughout the past 18 months of its operations.

Other than work, Pranjal loves reading, playing the Tabla, video games, and cricket. He also cannot resist analyzing companies, reading annual reports, and studying their promoters during his leisure time – being the true workaholic that he is, after all!

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