Ajay Kadyan, Co-Founder, Zimyo

Ajay has extensive experience of over 10 years in product development, system architecture, and data analytics. He has helped several organizations in the HR Tech, EduTech and E-commerce space to build robust products. With his strategic leadership skills and critical thinking, Ajay has successfully built a highly efficient and collaborative team. Presently, Ajay works as the Co-Founder of Zimyo and spearheads the business with his deep comprehensive industry knowledge. He is currently focused on positioning Zimyo as one of the most preferred brands in HR tech space. Besides, he works closely with the marketing team to improve Zimyo’s brand visibility and outreach. In addition to this, Zimyo has also joined forces with the sales team to increase client acquisition and improve conversion rate, while working closely with the product team to strengthen the product portfolio.  


In this covid marred world, HR technology is the talk of the town. Many businesses that were reluctant to the HR technology are now thankful to it for being their ultimate savior during these trying times. It may sound exaggerated but if it hadn’t been for HR technology, businesses would not have been able to operate effectively. HR Tech enabled businesses to be more flexible, resilient, and responsive to the changing employee needs. 

From managing attendance to processing error-free payroll, HR tech makes every task quick and smooth. Apart from helping businesses manage their workforce the new tools and technologies are also helping them hire A-players in their teams. According to PwC’s HR Technology Survey 2020, 74% of respondents plan to jack up spending on HR tech in 2020 to address pressing talent needs. It suggests that organizations are more ready than ever to give chances to the HR tech vendors that can help them ease all their pain points.

Espousing the new technology to enhance candidate and employee experience is imperative for recruiters as it helps them make their recruitment and onboarding process more efficient. Bad hiring experiences mean bad impressions, which can further tarnish their brand image. Therefore, organizations can’t take any chance when it comes to talent hunting and acquisitions. 

To help organizations improve their hiring efficiency, few organisations- a unified HCM platform, is offering robust recruitment (ATS) and on boarding solutions. The use of technology in talent hunting and acquisition has replaced intuition-based hiring where candidates were assessed only based on their previous experiences and the intuitions of the recruiters. Also the applicant tracking system or ATS helps in deep learning-based evaluation of prospective candidates which supports the entire recruitment cycle- from listing jobs on various platforms to sending offer letters to the candidates- and that too remotely. 

Today, HR technology has made it extremely easy to hire a qualified candidate without needing to conduct an in-person interview. From listing jobs on various platforms to sourcing and screening the candidate to scheduling the interview, modern recruitment tools such as an Applicant Tracking System or ATS has transformed almost every facet of the hiring process. 

The advanced Recruit module also facilitates improved communication and collaboration among hiring teams. With its smart ATS, recruiters can easily send emails to candidates, schedule interviews, filter out the eligible candidates from the ineligible applications, and can save a lot of their time. Thereby helping they bag the top talents before they are allured by the competition. 

According to a survey by Glassdoor, around 76% of recruiters say that their number one challenge in the hiring process is the struggle to find qualified candidates. This makes it necessary for employers to equip their hiring teams with the right set of tools and technologies that can help them overcome challenges related to hiring.

HR is now accepting imaginative strategies for working and supporting any new choice the association makes to alleviate the pandemic’s impact. HR’s present capacity is to turn out to be more versatile, adaptable, and expanding. HRM should take a stab at seriousness in the space of HR by offering continuous informative and preparing programs for the individual and expert progression of the association’s workers. It has been seen that organizations have perceived the worth of effective enrolment and recognized that it is difficult to do as such without specialized help. HR experts are likewise utilizing the various vocation destinations open online to track down the right candidates for the opportunity. With the assistance of advances, the entire recruiting strategy has gotten basic and viable. As more individuals become mindful of the offer, the probability of enlisting capable labourers rises. Bosses might utilize web stages to introduce the significant insights regarding every worker’s work, calling, and self-improvement. This is for sure a fine special apparatus for an organization to advance itself.

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