Manoj Kumar Chaudhary, Founder & Director, Vensor Electricals Pvt. Ltd.

Manoj Chaudhary, the founder of Vensor Electricals Pvt Ltd a customer-centric electrical company specialising in the production of premium quality electrical wires, cables, and switches. Mr. Chaudhary always had a keen interest in electrical products and industry. Early on, while he was pursuing his BCom from Rajasthan University, he had in his mind that he wanted to make it big. His penchant for electrical products, new innovations, technological solutions began during his early days. He carved his path ahead in the electrical world with laser-sharp focus, immense hard work, and excellence. He was enthralled by electrical trade, electronic products, and their workings.


One of the fastest-growing economies in the world, the Indian economy intends to adopt the newest technology to propel growth and it is continuously doing the same. Every sector of the economy is embracing state-of-the-art technologies to enhance business prospects and serve the consumers with the best. On the other hand, the Government of India is emphasising digitisation to increase operational efficiency across the sectors. This digital drive supported by swift internet penetration will be extremely beneficial for businesses. The Indian power sector, which is witnessing rapid transformation, is among the beneficiaries of the ambitious digital drive.

‘Uninterrupted Power Supply’ for all is what the sector strives for to support the growth of the nation while offering optimum comfort to citizens. It requires to enhance its transmission reliability and last-mile power delivery capacities. For developing insight into consumer behaviour, customising solutions, eliminating malpractices, integration of digital technology with the existing infrastructure has become inevitable for the sector. Complex operations can be executed through this fusion of technology and infrastructure.

The sector bears a loss of around 20-22% in the distribution and transmission which can be curbed with smart digital transformation on the demand side. With a replacement of conventional meters with smart meters, a whopping amount can be saved by the distribution companies. This will improve the financial health of Discoms which have to face losses due to multiple reasons including poor collection. Discoms can implement a pay-as-you-use model with the installation of smart meters.

For reducing losses caused by the poor collection, the utilities can adopt digital payment system which has become the most preferred choice for the smooth transaction. It will make the collection easier and cheaper. Besides, the digital drive of India has offered unique communication channels such as social media platforms. The power sector can utilise it to improve communication with consumers and disseminate information in real-time.

The industry, which is asset-intensive, often has to deal with ageing infrastructure and lower budget allocation. It strives for the best operational efficiency with such infrastructure, requiring regular maintenance. With data collected from connected assets, the industry can monitor the performance of devices, find out weak points and take appropriate actions to fix the problems before they turn into serious glitches. This digital technology supported system can enhance the predictive asset maintenance ability of the sector. Any possible threat can be averted.

Data supported grid operation and maintenance brings efficiency to the entire system. The digital drive of India will make the industry adopt grid digitisation that will help in managing the performance of the energy transmission network and reduce the operation costs. The possibility of grid failure can be reduced significantly. The digital transformation will enhance the capacity of the sector by offering a seamless system from the main to the backup control centre. It will prevent data loss and blackouts. It will augment the economic activities and create employment opportunities. With internet connection, one can check load shedding and take steps accordingly.

Digitisation of the power sector is an urgent need to enhance efficiency and satisfy the consumers. Besides, it is also important for the financial health of the sector which can reduce various costs and collect the money from the consumers timely. It will be a game-changer for the entire system and all the stakeholders. India is striving to accomplish ambitious growth numbers while ensuring inclusive development. The sector has to support the dreams of India, and with digital integrations, it is easier.

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