Lalita Arya, Vice President, Dermapuritys

Lalita Arya, Vice President of Dermapuritys, had the vision to create a 360-degree integrated clinic for skincare & skin rejuvenation. Ms Lalita works on the moto to eliminate problems from the root. She has been in the beauty and cosmic dermatology field for over 8 years. She started her journey at VLCC to build a brand of her own today.


COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly influenced many aspects of life. The sanitary restrictions laid by the government and social distancing measures have collectively impacted every industry in multiple ways. The crisis has thrown unprecedented challenges to sustain a business of any scale in the current scenario. Likewise, the beauty and wellness sphere has also suffered a huge blow due to the pandemic.

Lack of social gatherings has changed preferences

The restricted physical movement proved to be a bane for the cosmetic industry. Everybody is staying at home and following the social distancing measures for their well-being. Many industries have shut down, and people have lost their jobs. So, with limited resources, most people would prefer to buy essential commodities rather than choosing beauty products to look groomed at home.

Beauty filters are enough

Since the lockdown, many industries directed their employees to work from home in order to sustain the business during these tough times. The technology has become a medium to communicate, so physical meetings are now replaced by zoom calls. Many video-conferencing apps come with a beauty feature that puts a filter on the face to hide the imperfections, so people are actually not much bothered to undergo cosmetic treatments while they continue to work from home.

Why take a risk?

Now, it is a well-known fact that coronavirus can transmit through direct contact with an infected person, or touching a contaminated object or even through the air. The awareness about the transmission of the novel virus has made people reluctant to step out of the house unless they have to buy an essential item or provide any service.

All the travel destinations are closed for an uncertain period, barely any events are happening, and people are scared to even meet their friends to prevent the risk of catching the virus. So, why would anyone want to risk their lives to take a beauty treatment during this time?

The way ahead

Nobody knows how long the coronavirus pandemic would continue. The future is quite uncertain, to be honest!!!

For many people, beauty might be superficial, but for many, it is a way of self-expression. The definition of “beauty” is becoming more intertwined with individuals’ sense of well-being. Imperfections can make an individual feel less self-confident about their appearance and cause body image issues. Also, some people have major skin and hair issues, which could not be ignored for a long period. People who regularly get fillers, botox, or laser treatments every three to four months would require touch-up sessions to maintain the results.

Why is cosmetic treatment a requirement during the pandemic?

Wearing a face mask is not only discomforting, but, it can also lead to acne and skin irritation. As people are spending more time at home, the lack of physical activities is causing hormonal issues or weight gain. Therefore, the dependency on a cosmetic clinic for skin, hair, and weight management must not be overlooked.

During the pandemic, people are spending more and more time on social media. Constant exposure to the picture of models with flawless skin, luscious locks, and attractive physique can make someone a harsh critic of themselves. Advanced cosmetic treatments can help to achieve the desired body and skin goals.

What cosmetic and wellness clinics can do to mitigate the effects of coronavirus?

Online consultation

Online consultation is a great way to provide solutions for their skin and hair problems from a certified medical practitioner. One can simply send a couple of pictures or prepare a questionnaire to ask the expert regarding the issue. The dermatologist can recommend hair care products or suggest a skin-clearing regime to treat the problem. The live session can be very beneficial for people who are scared of stepping out of the house but want an apt solution for their issue.

Some cosmetic clinics also have a team of nutritionists to help with managing their weight issues and hormonal problems. Depending upon the requirements, an individual can choose to consult with the certified expert.

Taking appropriate measures for the treatment

For any skin or hair treatment, an individual would have to visit the clinic. These days, many responsible clinics are taking appropriate measures to stop the transmission of the virus. The customers are properly screened before entering the clinic, doctors and technicians wear PPE kits while providing the treatment. The safety measures are important to cut the risk of getting infected from the virus.

With great care, hygiene, and safety, Dermapuritys ensures to provide the best treatments to the clients without compromising with the quality. The centre for skin and hair rejuvenation caters to dermatological needs and also provides services for anti-ageing, body shaping, weight management with the latest FDA approved technologies.


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