Abhishek Ghatiwala, CEO & Creative Director, Ghatiwala

Abhishek Ghatiwala is the Creative Head and CEO of Ghatiwala Jewellers, the 90-year-old brand renowned for its grand jadau jewellery legacy based out of Jaipur. Born in a typical Marwari family, Abhishek is a third-generation jeweller. Abhishek envisions Ghatiwala as a signature brand globally for both prét and bridal lines in the jadau jewellery segment, showcasing a treasure trove of coloured gemstones and polki diamonds.


Jewelry as a product has always had a strong connection with human emotions, and it has undoubtedly changed in the post-COVID19 era. We have begun to associate specific values with certain designs, and also value sentiments. Although the underlying notion of business success and growth stays the same, the jewellery sector operates in a unique way, requiring meticulous attention to minute details and consumer requirements. Both in customer behaviour and in the industry itself, significant changes are underway. Brands in the jewellery industry can’t just go about their business as usual and expect to succeed; they need to be aware of and sensitive to major trends and changes, or they risk being left behind by more nimble competitors.

The art of adornment and beauty has been in humanity from the dawn of civilizations, evolving and changing over millennia. Jewelry is something that is passed down through generations, is immune to the ravages of time, and grows in value with each passing day. Some of the magnificent jewellery pieces that have become the treasure of human civilisation have been mentioned in history. Taking up jewellery as a company is not for the faint of heart, since it involves a great deal of creativity, effort, money, and adherence to certain standards. Those that keep the foundations firm and adhere to the fundamental ideas, however, will undoubtedly succeed.

The best way to stand taller than your competitors is by ceating a unique product. One should lead his brand by innovation in design. With end consumerrs gaining access to a whole array of international designs in the palm of their hand, they are well versed with gobal fashion and trends, and thus, deesire the very best and the most unique for themselves. It is critical for a jeweller to understand these choices of his or her customers. Look for sources of inspiration, then observe and absorb them. It is critical for a brand to first understand the market it serves before moving forward with design. This is the first step towards laying a solid foundation.

The design needs to then be complimented with the best quality of raw materials- gold, diamond and gemstones, used in creative ways. Choosing the proper material quality is another component that contributes to a brand’s jewellery standing out. Adding a splash of colour to a piece gives a lot of depth, so choosing the right gemstones for a design is crucial.

The popularity of Jadau jewellery has exploded in recent years. The Mughals introduced Jadau craftsmanship to India, but it was refined and mastered by Rajasthan’s talented artisans. This style of jewellery is very coplicated to manufacture and yet has some of the most beautifully finished products- both front and back. Yes, the art of kundan polki teaches us that a piece of jewelley should be exceptionally finished from every angle.

Another key consideration after learning about the customer’s preferences is that the jewellery you design is timeless, both aesthetically and ergonomically. Because a piece that feels like a second skin to a customer is always favoured over one that is uncomfortable. As a result, make sure that ergonomics are taken into account when developing.

The necessity for brands to come up with intriguing, charming, and gorgeous designs that exhibit their faultless craftsmanship and create a spectacular aura for the jewellery among the targeted customers is becoming more pressing with each passing day. To conclude – the secret to standing out as unique in the jewellery industry is to know what you exclusively bring to the table and mould it according to the trends of the market. This blend of the two is the secret to satisfied clientele.

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