Rajeev Singh, Managing Director, BenQ India & South Asia

Rajeev Singh heads BenQ’s operations in India as Managing Director. He has been associated with BenQ for over 6 years now. With over 22 years of work experience, Rajeev has worked earlier with Motorola as Head of their high-end phones business for India & South West Asia, Samsung as head of their IT Volume business for India, Canon as Head of their Printing business for India and Philips. Currently based at Gurgaon, Rajeev has worked out of Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore in some of his earlier stints. Rajeev holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Narsi Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Mumbai and is an Electrical Engineer from Maulana Azad Institute of Technology, Bhopal. Rajeev loves to travel and has a penchant for electronic gadgets and automobiles.


Hybrid Working is the call for this decade where the man, machine and space will be intertwined to deliver optimum efficiencies. As we strongly yet cautiously leave the Covid 19 disease behind us, we embrace this new method of result focused working. The disruption caused by the pandemic has created opportunities for enterprises to instantly adopt technology. It has enabled workforce across levels to connect, collaborate, and continue firing the engine of growth.

Hybrid working is giving us access to the untapped talent market. The Government is also in very much support of this by bringing in reforms like the Other Service Providers (OSP) reform. As we lay concrete the commandments of a dynamic and mobile professional system, we must ponder on the elements involved that call for a seamless cultural and mind-set shift. Device, platform, experience and vision are the aspects that will ensure building a collaborative and result inducing eco-system.

Medium is the Message

It truly matters ‘how’ we transport the message as much as ‘what’ message it is which we wish to transport. The impact of visual communications – beyond words – has never been more profound than as witnessed in the last 12 months. With digital as the primary media this decade will present bold new avenues to exchange ideas, discover and collaborate, present information, and mobilize knowledge to the stakeholders. This paradigm shift is to be led by visuality where the impact and true potential of visual communications will begin to be realised.

In the Hybrid Working set up, organisations will need to brace the impact of the convergence in media and encourage a positive change to take place. As communication through the new media is imbibed by the workforce, emphasis has to be given to retain the essence across the channels.

Infrastructure Preparedness

The ‘New Reality’ of Hybrid Working will require organisations to invest largely in infrastructure. Business travel may not be preferred and many team members will work from home. New technologies offer ways to overcome the challenges that businesses may face to achieve optimum productivity.

Hybrid meeting is a solution that promotes safer workplaces and makes sure that productivity and creativity are enhanced. These are dynamic and engaging than our usual video conferencing. Agnostic to locations these are sessions that emphasise on the visual content.  These have proved to be more efficient as visuals help get to the point quicker reducing the cost of communication. Selecting a good quality interactive flat panel or smart projector with internet accessibility is elementary. It serves as a hub for the team’s personal devices which can range from laptops to smartphones. A centralized content management system backed with cloud storage like OneDrive, Dropbox or the Google Drive, gives an entry point to share files, update content, and co-work on projects. This is even faster than email, which comes with limitations on file types and sizes.

Seamless Solutions

For corporate environments solutions are required that enable team collaborations to bring out innovation and creativity. There are tools and products now which enable that an optimum and even exceeding level of results are achieved. High quality video conferencing, cloud white-boarding, immersive screens, wireless sharing enhance the experience of hybrid working. There are easy to use solutions that fuse hardware and software effortlessly at any location. Your teammates at office or home can brainstorm with the same concentration. These creative ideas can be further shared from the cloud whiteboard into reality, helping productivity at businesses of all sizes.

With the augmentation of technology we today have designs with accentuated capabilities catering to a highly dynamic yet remote work culture. Solutions on offer are device interconnectivity, platform compatibility and experience portability. Together these create a collaborative ecosystem that enrichens the productivity.

Visuality and the Age of Screen

The visual stimuli plays a powerful trigger to initiate action and influence behaviour. It has applications across genres. Visuality has been leveraged to inform and to influence from teaching, to mass communication, to mobilising, to marketing and entertainment. In a hybrid working model, it becomes all the more important to provide for the display infrastructure support that transcends meaning in the message and the soul in the ideas. The hybrid model of working will thrive on visual capabilities where interactive tech enabled monitors, smart screens and projectors will be the elementary requisites.

Features in smart monitors come with DuoBoard interactive flat panels that bring together multiple office technology that enhances communication and teamwork solution. Artificial Intelligence too has come into play for an ultimate video conferencing experience.

It comprises AI driven auto framing, 4K UHD video display and omnidirectional microphones. Innovative display technologies in the Age of Screen have now amplified human visual limits and in turn visuality.

With recovery around the corner, it is the right time now for organisations to embrace the hybrid working. With the access to the dynamic visual technology solutions the productivity will only be enhanced and creativity enriched.

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