Pawan Gupta, Director, P.P. Jewellers

Mr. Pawan Gupta has been in this business from the last 40 years. Born and brought up in Delhi, he comes from a family where fulfilling daily requirements was a big challenge. Mr. Pawan Gupta is a very social and religious person. He has risen upwards from the ground therefore he understands the value of money. He is a modest person and believes in helping people and giving it back to society. Each dealing at PP Jewellers by Pawan Gupta is done with 100% transparency and that is what makes people come back to the brand again and again. He truly believes that trust is the foundation of any relationship including business. PP Jewellers by Pawan Gupta has been servicing patron families with top-class merchandise of the jewellery industry for over 4 decades now.


It isn’t any secret that the pandemic has affected India’s economy to a great extent; especially with the ongoing second wave. Like every other business, the jewellery industry also has been hit hard from a significant rundown of dropped occasions, shows, celebrations and even post-poned & put-on-hold weddings for the next few upcoming months. A noteworthy number of jewellery brands had expected 2021 to be an entryway to a plenty of business opportunities following a disheartening 2020, with hopes of the sales chart moving in upward direction. The reason for this expectation was simple- revenge shopping, suppressed desires to uplift mood, gifting, postponed weddings and the likes. While there was some hope & growth experienced during and post the festive season of 2020, the second wave of Coronavirus has had a major impact that flipped around the recently re-achieved stability in functioning. As organizations lost their benefit, the administrations of central participants appropriately interceded to firefight the emergency, having to forcefully close down a lot of businesses and establishments for a temporary period first & foremost in the leisure segment.

This situation brought us all back to square one. With augmented fear (& rightly so) people started panicking, migrants started returning home, and this shook the businesses all over again. Though reluctantly, the government authorities had to, yet again, convince people to stay at home, when only recently, everything was starting to get back on track.

Covid-19 disturbance has caused jewellery retailers in India to rethink their current plan of action and adopt online retail appropriation sped up during Covid-19 across classifications. The Jewellery retailers need to seek help of digital platforms to meet the targeted sales. The pearls and gems industry has been facing a lot of interruption in their activities across the globe. The entire system was just recovering from the difficult stretches of 2020, while the second wave in 2021 has hit us out of nowhere.

Dependence on weddings:

The Indian gems market blossoms with weddings. As the Covid alarm held expected purchasers and existing customers, the diamonds and adornments industry lost its sparkle all of a sudden. As a preventive measure, the public authority has urged the residents to limit wedding capacities and just step out for fundamental products during lockdown. Though nothing is permanent and this also will pass, the sector will need to completely re-strategize for a rebound this wedding season.

No footfall:

The business is seeing no footfall at jewellery stores and notwithstanding the progressing top wedding season, mass shopping has come to a halt. While the organizations are yet to explore monetary difficulties, the result of Covid on the diamonds and adornments industry is by all accounts overwhelming. Retailers in the nation have to re-evaluate their present game plan and embrace online retail allotment accelerated during this second wave of Coronavirus.


All big-ticket shoots and model shoots have either been deferred or dropped prompting a break into the gems fragment which is also expected to affect collaboration deals this year.


Because of this second wave of Coronavirus, the whole business needs to chip away at low staff prompting working inside a breaking point. Behind each enormous name is a group that endeavours to accomplish it. It would make a breakage in the group since everybody has some family crisis or various other ends to meet. It requires some investment to reproduce one.

The Future

It will take time to heal but definitely we aren’t in doom. While the business is gazing at significant misfortunes this year too, the need of great importance is supportability over a long run, driven by a proper frame work. While the organizations are enthusiastically trusting that the bend will straighten, this urgent time can be prudently used to spread out a Covid activity plan that can be executed soon after things get better. By that time, companies and establishments should prepare themselves with a proper plan of action and strategize more economic ways to carry out production efficiently in these difficult times.

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