Avnika Milan, Founder and Designer, Raja Rani

Avnika Milan is a Surat-based designer with great entrepreneurial skills. She founded her brand Raja Rani couture back in 2013 and the couture has been a trendsetter in itself. Later in 2018, her brother in law Mohit Gandhiya joined the brand as a designer and the brand came to be known as Raja Rani by Anu and Mohit and since then they have not looked back and their journey as designers has been enriching.


Indian culture is so vast and is made up of different communities, tribes and regions. Thus it has a rich heritage and apart from being a traditionally and culturally rich country it is also a house of handwoven fabrics and makes for great land for the fashion industry domestically and internationally.

All the regions comprise of different kinds of fabrics and thus India is known as the textile hub. A lot of artisans of different regions weave different kinds of fabric which are now globally acclaimed. To some of the fabrics are khadi, Kota silk, patola silk, ajrak, bandhni, banarasi, chanderi are a few of the lot that it found in India.

Let’s talk exclusively about the rich textile craft culture of Gujarat, the whole of Gujarat has something to offer. The very famous of them is the bandhni or bandhej which is typically a tie and dye fabric. Dyed in tie & dye style, the art of bandhani is a highly skilled process.

Patola is a woven fabric, usually made from silk. Patola means “Queen of Silks” are woven with great clarity and precision and is hugely labour intensive and each patola sari may take from six months to one year to be made. There are basically used for wedding sarees and lehengas.

Ajrakh prints, kathi embroidery, crotchet lacework, the zari work, brocade are other famous works from Gujarat. We can go on and the world of fabric in Gujarat will not come to end such is its vast diversity.

Surat is a house to many fabrics among these and lots of designer work is found there.

A great royal wedding collection ranges from sarees to lehengas if you are looking for outfits that suit your taste buds.

The royal bridal lehenga with micro velvet and pure banarasi tar weaving fabric with peacock and pastel colours for a new age bride. It has intricate gotapatti and pashmina work to give you a royal maharani look.

Another beautiful pice of art is this purple and white lehenga made with kadi and multiple works like sequence jorgito, gota and thread work. This can make up for a great pre-wedding function look.

If you are a classic Indian bride and do not want to be too experimental, we have the best traditional lehenga for you. As you know horses have been a special part of wedding traditions for years and thus here is a red classic lehenga with white horses beautifully embroidered on the skirt with a lot of gota work and thread work.

It is now evident that Gujarat is rich in terms of crafts and textile and fashion in all senses. So let’s create awareness of our culture and the craft should not die and be promoted so that we can preserve our heritage.

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