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Dmitry Belianin is the Chief Marketing Officer at Parimatch International. Experienced marketing strategist and leader in the sports betting industry, Dmitry has over 13 years of experience in both marketing and gaming. He has a proven record in building global teams, growing profits, and implementing high-growth marketing, digital, and product development strategies within the biggest gaming companies.


Sports is an industry that has garnered immense traction over the years, especially in our country. India has always been enthusiastic about sports and Indians have shown a consistently burgeoning interest in sports and gaming in the past few years. From on-ground tournaments to fantasy gaming being the buzz in society, sports has grown at an accelerated pace. This brings us to observe how the pandemic impacted the sector drastically and disrupted on-site games for a long while.

The pandemic effect on the Indian Sports Industry

With COVID-19 catching the nation off-guard, the physical group activities were put on hold until the health crisis was handled. These measures, including minimal human contact and nationwide lockdown, encouraged prediction gaming that was already on the verge of growth. Driving more traffic to i-gaming platforms, the sports industry saw a massive shift in perspective of the audience. More and more people are engaging in igaming and it is further creating a pillar for the Indian Sports industry to lean on. The market size of the sports industry across India was observed to be around 16 billion INR in the year of Coronavirus. A significant portion contributing to the consumption of social media turned out to be online betting leagues, tournaments and other prediction-based games.

India to draw inspiration from the global market

I-gaming sponsorships do not seem to be a taboo in a lot of countries, including the US amongst others. With the ever-changing dynamics of the prediction gaming platforms supporting the sports industry, i-gaming has proven to be one of the most effective revenue generation models in the global gaming market. Fanning the monetary benefits in the country, i-gaming sponsorships have been surfacing as the new normal – enabling giants in the sector to put their money to revlutionise sports. Growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 4.1 per cent, the countries are making big money from i-gaming platforms and sponsors coming to the forefront.

Discussing the i-gaming sector in Asia, this continent is one of the regions making for 32.7% of the global sports betting market. Not approving of this segment clearly indicates the bucks that the country is losing out on and will further have to make for through other segments and businesses. However, embracing the i-gaming industry and sponsorships will flip the scenario for good.

A progressive future on cards

I-gaming sponsorships, without a second thought, will help bolster India’s economy as more and more people play and invest in the segment. But this is not the only perk on the table, it shall further offer a progressive future for sports where such sponsorships and platforms are de-stigmatised to bring a passionate revolution in the sports and gaming industry. Backing the notion, some analysts reckon that the call will be a wise decision for India to make and help in generating revenue and taxes, aiding us to grow multifold. Meanwhile, the sponsorships shall further create new opportunities of employment for the citizens of the country, making it a win-win situation for India.

With around 40% of the global players being Indians in the i-gaming industry, it is only fair and justified for us to rely a little more on the new aspects and options within our reach and expand our presence in sports across the seas. Enthusing audiences and players alike, this shall be a new beacon of evolution for sports and take the Indian Sports Industry to the next level.

Putting the ‘p’ for passion in sports, i-gaming sponsorships will help the country to pen the tale of success with the ink of indulgence, zeal and heightened profitability.

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