Som Sharma, Director, Edu Brain Overseas – Dubai

Som Sharma is a pioneer and visionary in the field of Vocational Training and consultancy. Som Sharma is the Founding Chairman of Edu Brain Foundation (Edu Brain Academy) based out of Delhi with overseas branches and 15 glorious years in service. Som Sharma is also the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Education Brains Pvt. limited and owns an overseas company that is Edu Brain Overseas Project Management Services in Dubai. He has taken all his enterprises to heights.


Universal pandemic has created unprecedented circumstances for organizations around the world. With the rising uncertainties, hiring the best employee is becoming a challenge for organizations. Hiring an intern in a company is not new for the industry, most big organizations earning huge rewards from their interns and internship programs in all the departments, most of HR, administration, Sales & Marketing, Hospitality etc.

The internship is one of the best platforms for student and companies, where the intern and company make a suitable work environment with the best understanding to create future employee. Both can be paid and unpaid both are valuable even unpaid internships offer more job training experience that students did not get form academic or college. In fact, the percentage of students offered jobs by employers are much higher than before.

The idea of creating an internship program in your organization is both a hand deal where most employers are counting a loss in their accounts due to pandemic and losing their past performer due to unpredictable situations in working culture.

This article will help you to take the next steps to be convinced to promote your internship program and will guide you to convert your intern to employee.

Real effort

An intern is always willing to invest his/her real effort to fit in their current role and responsibility for their long-term commitment and shows everyone that they have what it takes to succeed. Their efforts pay off in higher engagement levels, and eventually, opportunities for advancement within the company.

future employees.

An internship program is 365 days recruiting program. With summer internships, winter internships, semester internships, and quarterly internships, full-year on the job training. hiring an intern creates an ongoing pipeline of future full-time employees.

And here is a little extra incentive for companies where they are able to hire one-year full-time interns who work as full-time employees at low cost and drain on company resources from the recruiting and hiring process. where the ratio of full-time employees who switch their job within a year or later makes cost.

Be Popular in Youth

Become Popular in College Campuses to hire interns in your company and make your presence and hire the best performers before campus recruitments.

Skill Gap

Close the skills gap between past and future employees to give them a real-time work environment with your senior employees.

LowCost Labor

Take advantage of low-cost labour to hire paid and unpaid interns where the companies no need to pay for their recruitment and huge salaries.

So, the bottom line of hiring an intern can be a road map to hire trained employee according to your future business where many companies helping the employer to source the best Interns.

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