Anindita Gupta, Co-Founder, Scenic Communication

With 14 years of professional experience in Public Relations & Marketing, Anindita comes with a deep understanding of the dynamic media and communication landscape in India. Through her successful stint with reputed PR agencies like Genesis Burson & Marsteller, Percept Profile and Mileage Communications and many more, she has worked closely with clients across verticals, such as travel, hospitality, F&B, fashion & lifestyle, entertainment, IT and corporate.


The on-going pandemic has changed the world beyond recognition. In these extremely challenging times, we extend our support and solidarity to all our partners and customers. Despite the many challenges posed by the situation, our main objective remains to continue operation without compromising on your safety and health.

Even as we are faced with the unprecedented rise in COVID numbers, since the start of the pandemic, and are at the brink of another lockdown, the lessons and memories from 2020, keep surfacing up, again. The year 2020 was, without a doubt, one of the most challenging years in the recent past, both socially, and individually, impacting not only the health and wellbeing of people but also their livelihoods, and larger economies. All the commercial sectors, markets, brands took a big hit, due to the pandemic, and its ripple effect was seen in the dwindling world economy. As we embark on the F.Y 2021-22, albeit with the shadow of the rising COVID numbers, but armed with a potent vaccine, we are better prepared to face the monster, while turning around and taking baby steps towards growth again.

And while we move towards growth, we need to carry the lessons and leanings taught to us by the pandemic, and evolve as a wiser and better prepared lot, than the ones caught off guard by COVID in the 2020! Being agile, forever prepared for the unexpected and adapting fast to the new changes, are some of the valuable lessons taught by COVID, which we now take with us, in our future journey.

Here are some of the key learnings that demand our attention for the coming times:

Sustained Communication and Visibility

Observing the trends from the first lockdown, it can be said that consistent engagement should among the priority list, irrespective of what situation we may find ourselves in once again. In 2020, while many brands chose to shut down communication, there were some that remained visible and constantly engaged with their clients through various means. It is these brands that continued their efforts that have retained the highest number of clients even amidst the depressed market conditions. One need not make huge investments in these communications, but even simple messages reassuring your clients that you are there can go a long way.

Embracing the Digital Platforms

Apart from agility and better preparedness, COVID also made us tap into the immense potential of technology adoption, across sectors and stages! And now, in the new financial year, it is important to harness this learning and benefit from a renewed emphasis on technology. Internet, video call meetings, home deliveries etc., have been a major help to run businesses. It is important that along with the established mediums, we also embrace newer channels of communication such as podcasts and live sessions on social media to remain more relevant among our clients. We should, in the coming year, embrace new technology, not only to combat the present situation but also to re-innovate ourselves and grow.

Value-Centric Campaigns

What kind of conversations we create with our clients during this trying time has also become a crucial question. Right from the campaigns to the products and packaging, the emphasis should be laid on the values they present. A value-driven campaign and packaging can strike the right chords in your customers’ minds.

Finally, and most importantly, we need to be always ready with a backup plan through the coming years. This pandemic has shown us that in the face of the most unexpected, most adverse situation, all our protective measures might fail. Therefore, we should always have a Plan-B, or even Plan-C in the event of an unforeseen crisis.

2020 has been a challenging year for us all. The financial crunch has affected business and the common man alike. However, with these lessons learnt from 2020, hopefully, we can face the new financial year with a lot more zest, and hope! We, as a communication agency, value collaboration and continue to standing next to our clients, partners, vendors and team, in these tough times! Here is wishing you all a smoother and happier F.Y 2021-22.

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