Yogesh Thore, Founder & CEO, Friyey

Yogesh genuinely believes in solving real problems and is working towards making coworking spaces free. As an entrepreneur, he followed his passion and started Friyey, a disruptive startup in Coworking that transforms clubs/pubs into co-working spaces during the day. Friyey is building the fastest growing community for Remote Workers.


What is Friyey? Tell us more about your new vertical “Friyey Lite”?

With Friyey, We transform Nightclubs, Pubs into Coworking Spaces for day time, these are our premium locations which are exclusively only for Remote Workers, Where customers get access to all basic amenities like high speed internet, comfortable seating, parking space, Air- conditioned room and many more, also our customers can have their own tiffins just like in their own office space also our customers get benefits such a AWS, Exote which helps early stages startups and entrepreneurs, and also relish and network with like minded people from our community group

Friyey Lite – friyey lite is a non premium version which will help remote workers to find the best suitable and convenient space near them, We have tie-ups with Cafes & Restaurants within the city where remote workers can work throughout the day without any ease of ordering and getting all basic amenities for productive work & will also gain access to our Premium Locations on allotted days at just INR 999/

How did the shift to remote working impact your company?

This pandemic is going to help Remote Companies & Remote Culture just like demonetization helped digital wallet companies & digital India. “In the world of remote, there will be no additional advantage to companies being based at silicon valley or at any fancy location”

Earlier we used to have mainly Freelancers, Entrepreneurs as customers but post pandemic we are seeing corporate teams also joining  Friyey, Recently employees from Amazon India & Salesforce have used Friyey as their remote office.

How do you create a space for work? How are you different from other coworking spaces?

First of all I don’t think friyey comes under the category of typical coworking, Friyey helps

Remote workers by providing them vibrant, flexible work space within the city. We transform Nightclubs, Pubs & Restaurants into Vibrant coworking spaces for day time. These Spaces are exclusive only for coworking which helps our customers to have high work productivity.

We are asset-light startup, where we select Restaurants which have less footfall during a day time & operate them as per our standard SOP.

We are kind of like the Airbnb of Coworking.

What role do workspaces like Friyey have in the startup culture?

I think everyone has definitely understood the importance of remote working

Post covid pandemic, talking about the future of remote workers

no one will travel 30km a day for 2 hours to reach their offices, so we are providing vibrant workspaces near you!. Which will save Time, Energy & Money so Remote Workers can focus on important tasks. “Location independent is not about fascinating lifestyle, It is about high work efficiency and work life balance

Every other early stage startups, Freelancers & new entrepreneurs have funds problems & many of them are not able to start their journey only due to lack of funds, so here we are providing the most affordable workspaces where our communities help each other to grow mutually. A helping hand to all early stage startups

Share some of your success stories.

For me personally I don’t think the valuations or how big is the startups defines success

The definition of success is about the impact you or your startup has on someone’s life!

Otherwise you would just pull out the thin line between success and failure

So i would like to share a small incident on this..

We have seen many success stories of freelancers who trusted friyey but in remember one specific story of our customer who had just lost his job and was using our space to find a new job, the most we could offer him was a 20% discount on membership and some help from our community later when he got new job and shifted to his new office he personally called me and said “ It wouldn’t have been possible without friyey” thank you!

At that moment I realized we are not here to just provide workspaces.

What’s the most attractive factor about coworking spaces? Why do people prefer it?

The most alluring part about Friyey membership is that there is no Deposit nor lock-in period & the members get an opportunity to join our engaging community of like-minded people, All these at just INR 99/day.

Affordability is secondary. People can Connect, Collaborate with each other makes any coworking space an best work place.

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