Ram Shriram, CEO, Mahagram

Mahagram Payments is a progressively rising Fintech firm headquartered in Mumbai established under the able leadership of Mr. Ram Shriram, CEO & Founder – Mahagram Payments Private Limited. Ram is a young and dynamic 29-year-old Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, and also speaker who is also a competent professional with sound experience in the payments domain and financial services. His vision is to digitize rural India and provide doorstep banking services to the unserved masses through Mahagram. He has been recognized by BW #YoungEntreprenurAwards and its prestigious 35 under 35 power list. As a Founder of Mahagram- a technology-driven FinTech company, Ram’s passionate purpose in business has been to establish Mahagram as a brand synonymous to being India’s largest network of last-mile retail points of sale.


Many new-age and traditional financial service providers are already experimenting in the Metaverse space. With numerous invaluable opportunities, FinTechs are emerging as a valuable asset for the industry and the economy.

The metaverse is the subsequent evolution of the internet – a 3-D model of the net.” one of the most monumental periods in time for finance in addition to technological know-how, math, and art – the Renaissance – did a great deal. Michelangelo and Alberti perfected the use of linear angles as a way of depicting three-dimensional intensity in the artwork. Today’s metaverse places us on an equal trajectory and fintech very well could be the approach to getting there.

Financial Services organizations have been engaging with the more conventional web 2.0 metaverse and experimenting in Web3-enabled metaverse venues.  In the context of internet 2.0, we see financial offerings groups utilizing the technology for worker training, growing virtual “economic cities,” telecommuting centers, and interaction areas, and presenting digital investment advisory offerings. Whilst these applications are pretty mature, their impact on the essential enterprise model in financial services has been only modest.

In the Web3-enabled metaverse, we are starting to see more innovative models of engagement. For instance, HSBC has bought virtual land in the Sandbox and committed to engaging with e-sports fanatics. London-based fintech, Sokin is building infrastructure for processing metaverse bills, transactions, and investments, and NEObank Zelf is launching embedded banking for metaverse gamers via its MetaPass in Discord. There may be no scarcity of financial services organizations exploring the application of the present-day evolution of the metaverse. 

Modern firms have replaced the metaphorical mattock approach of delivering financial services by developing new product and carrier delivery channels with technologies that streamline infrastructure and, increasingly, increase human intelligence. These smart fintech systems allow patron data to be plenty greater successfully and robustly aggregated and analyzed, and also addition leverage connectivity. This indicates monetary offerings have been able to attain greater clients more correctly and with greater centered products than ever earlier. Admittedly, there is lots more to do right here; but, an essential result of those efforts has been a future monetary services industry with broader get entry, marginal value discount, and more transparency.

Accelerating shift towards digital

Fintech has made a consequential effect on financial services and different industries. As an example, the banking industry has seen a huge shift in recent years, with fintech shaking things up on all fronts. 

Across the decade, and truly multiplied by way of the global health disaster, other regions of monetary offerings which includes payments, custody, and compliance, institutional and retail making an investment, actual property, and coverage among many others, have benefitted from modern fintech solutions. 

It is tempting to indicate that the organizations that have mastered the art of creating economic transactions handy at the actual time have an aggressive benefit going into this subsequent decade of innovation. But that would be a miscalculation. The emergence of the metaverse while mixed with fintech has the actual potential to enhance nearly every component of the monetary industry. 

The dramatic changes which have come to monetary services appear to be shifting inside the route of a brand new layout totally with the adoption of greater digital technology. In maximum corners of the monetary services zone, some if not all contributors have a superior past analog to digital. In some regions, even legal documents – bills and coins – are being transformed through more efficient exchange methods along with CBDCs (Central bank digital currencies).

Metaverse to reconnect the financial services

The metaverse seeks to be an interoperable, digital world in which people are talking, earning, and spending and, importantly, merging real and virtual property. Its existence requires new thinking on securing our identity, undertaking transactions, and owning assets. Via its attention on interoperability, Web3 and the metaverse may additionally thoroughly reconnect a financial services enterprise that also grapples with inclusivity returned to its economic core, in immersive online surroundings.   

Blockchain technology will underpin our emerging & developing immersive world. The beauty of the blockchain era is the fact that you can do a transaction this is affirmed right away and in ten minutes the entire network is up to date.”  in contrast to clay pills or spreadsheets, blockchain generation offers the immutable, close to real-time confirmation of possession of property or identification that is essential to a well-functioning, boundless, but incorporated metaverse.  

Programmable money could have a comparable pivotal function inside the metaverse as will the regulatory and criminal constructs that define (or don’t) the new requirements of purchaser protection. Because the metaverse crosses borders and engages in traditional monetary transactions outside of the digital international like mortgages, the combination of currencies that engender agree with, recognition, and stability are paramount.    

It is tough to forecast what the future of finance will appear like, yet one thing is apparent; it won’t be the same as nowadays. But, fintech and new technologies will force us into a brand new digital destiny in one shape or every other. The metaverse may be the center of economic services and fintech will assist the brand new Michelangelos to thrive.

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