Anil Jain, Founder & MD, Gangwal Healthcare

Anil Jain founded the company Gangwal Healthcare in 1987. He started it with a clear vision for providing innovative products and services for rapidly growing pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and personal care sectors in India. He is one of the largest contract manufacturers of Wellness products, sports nutrition, daily essentials and probiotics in India. With his expertise in the field of nutraceuticals and manufacturing, Gangwal Group is proud to have a patented technology called DICOM®, which eases the production process of Pharma formulations. It is innovation such as these that makes Gangwal Group a leading manufacturer of nutraceuticals/pharmaceutical products in India.


Over the last few decades, a new health paradigm has arisen, which places greater emphasis on diet and nutrition. A more health-conscious consumer pool with increasing expendable income has shifted consumer preferences towards the purchase of dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages, and nutraceuticals to maintain optimal health and minimize negative health repercussions. ‘Nutraceuticals’ is a novel concept and the umbrella term for nutritive supplement-like products having health advantages that go beyond their fundamental nutritional value. In a nutshell, nutraceuticals are food-based health supplements that have therapeutic applications. They are supplements that are used to maintain and promote health and well-being and increase life expectancy. 

Nutraceuticals and their Advantages:

The use of nutraceuticals has shown to have encouraging results in terms of treating underlying diseases, decreasing the severity of their symptoms, and boosting overall health. Moreover, these supplements help prevent medical issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and allergies. 

There has been a worldwide uptick in the interest in nutraceuticals due to their beneficial effects on consumers’ digestive and immune systems. More people are combining physical activities and athletic facilities with nutraceuticals to maximise outcomes. It is increasingly becoming the new norm. Consumers shun chemical components and prefer natural ingredients. Wellness-focused diets like keto and paleo are prompting food producers to tailor their products to meet the increasing demands of the customers. Newer types of nutraceuticals in the form of gummies, jellies, and soft gels are being brought to the market and their usage is expanding owing to their uniqueness combined with assured reviews. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, flavors, and concentrations and are intended for daily usage.

Crucial Components Pushing the Nutraceutical Industry Forward:

The nutraceutical industry is consumer-driven and will continue to expand as it complements the modern diets and active lifestyles of people. The rising cost of healthcare and the growing demand from consumers for food supplements and products to help them stay healthy are major factors fueling the expansion of the nutraceutical excipients market. 

Combining pharmaceutical and nutritional expertise, the nutraceutical industry is one of a kind. The components, which are typically formulated alongside more active pharmaceutical ingredients, play a crucial role in this innovative sector. With customers seeking ways to better their lifestyles while providing their body with all the necessary nutrients, this sector is set to become one of the booming industries in the coming years. 

Understanding the Global Market:

The global spread of COVID-19 has reaffirmed the significance of using natural immunity-boosters. The public’s altered perspective on healthcare because of the pandemic has also led to an increase in the usage of nutraceuticals as a precautionary approach. Exercise, healthy eating, and nutritional supplements have all entered the mainstream as essential components of a good and prosperous existence. 

Significant expansion may be seen in India’s nutraceutical market. The involvement of Indian nutraceutical corporations in addressing health problems is significant. Global market forces in healthcare also now favor preventative medicine over curative medicine and illness management. Because of rising healthcare expenses, this pattern is expected to accelerate in both developing and developed nations. The rising rate of chronic diseases and the high price of healthcare interventions are driving the need for individualized diets. As a result, sales of nutraceuticals are soaring. With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8%, the global nutraceuticals market is expected to expand from USD 278.8 billion in 2020 to USD $336 billion by 2023. 

Future Perspective on Nutraceuticals:

Patients no longer take their doctors’ prescribed prescriptions without first checking their components. Modern consumers are increasingly savvy in researching the efficacy of each supplement ingredient. These nutrients like zinc, vitamins C and D help boost the immune system, which can halt the development of any epidemic or at least lessen the severity of the disease. 

New age nutraceuticals are not the only recourse for the Indian populace’s health. Around 150 million Indians regularly incorporate nutraceutical use into their lifestyle. This brings forth a unique and strong opportunity for the industry to make its imprint on both the domestic and international markets.

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