Akshara Kumar, Founder, Truly Essential, A Part of Goldman Sachs 10000 Women Program at NSRCEL

Akshara kumar is the founder of Truly Essential, which houses pure and natural essential oils, cold-pressed carrier oils, Aloe vera gel and by products of it. She is an Information science engineer (B.E) from Mysore, India who loves to cook and pursues long distance running, Yoga and golf. She started her career with ‘The Fuller Life’ an employee engagement start up in Bengaluru for 3 years 2011-2014 and started Truly Essential. 2019 she has started a wellness and kitchen essential brand called Forest Ffresh which houses Indian spices for the export and Indian market. She was selected amongst top 70 woman entrepreneurs in India for the Goldman sachs 10000 woman program by Indian institute of management Bangalore IIMB, 2019.


Before the glitz and glamour of airports, trains were the go-to medium of transport for large Indian families. Travelling long distances starting from 3 generations was an experience by itself. Food was always an exciting factor and dabbas of home food along with snacks and fruits were packed to be eaten and enjoyed throughout the journey.

One of my early train experiences was enjoying this sudden whiff of freshness and instantly feeling joyful and happy. This was always followed by a fellow passenger peeling a fresh Orange and distributing it to people around.

Years later, I discovered this special feeling was the magic of essential oils.

Essential oils are aromatic plant extracts that are nature’s gift to us. The oils can be extracted from leaves, flowers, bark and roots. Filled with therapeutic properties, these essential oils are basically the life of the plant and have been used for centuries. Be it for glowing skin, hair fall reduction or to get a goods night’s sleep, every essential oil comes with its own unique healing property.

India is fast catching up with essential oils and its slowly making its way to everyday use. The most commonly used essential oil in our Indian homes is Eucalyptus oil, be it a common cold or a sneezing allergy, this oil was always used and recommended.

Aromatic plants are grown widely in India and the best essential oil comes when the oil is steam distilled from the origin of the plant. For eg, Ooty in Tamil Nadu is known for its vast range of Eucalyptus trees owing to its climate and soil condition.

Steam distillation is the most common and effective way to extract essential oils followed by a Gas chromatography (GC) evaluate and test the purity. Pure essential oils are potent in nature, packed in amber glass bottles, non-greasy and should be used in small quantities with the help of carrier oils.

Carrier oils are base oil usually seed or vegetable oils used to dilute essential oils and basically “carry” the essential oils into your skin.

Here is a quick e.g. on how to identify, select and blend a DIY combination for healthy hair and scalp.

  1. Carrier oil – Coconut oil (15ml )
  2. Rosemary essential oil (2 drops)
  3. Tea tree essential oil (2 drops)

This combination works best and here is why

  1. Coconut oil nourishes hair providing moisture and maintains overall hair health and is easily available
  2. Rosemary essential oil helps reduces hair fall and increases hair growth
  3. Tea tree essential oil has anti-bacterial and fungal properties. This when used keeps the scalp clean and healthy

The beauty and awesomeness of essential oils can be known only when used and experienced. We are lucky to be in an era where these oils are easily available to us and we should make maximum use of it.

My entrepreneurial journey ‘Truly Essential’ started years back with the objective of educating and providing pure essential oils at affordable prices grown and sourced locally.

The journey continues to grow and expand with the support and encouragement from NSRCEL, IIMB. Nature has thought through everything for us, lets enjoy her little aromatic gifts to its fullest.

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