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Every homemaker desires a home that is filled with love and abundance. If you are starting on this new journey as a couple, you have your own dreams and aspirations. You are looking forward to a life that is beautiful and harmonious. It’s important to understand that the kind of energy that exists in your house has a big role to play in your lives. We are connected to everything with Energy. The vibrations around us, be it people, work environment, our friends, our family, everything adds to our own energy vibration. Our home is an extension of us. We spend the maximum amount of time in this abode of ours. The energy that is created in our house affects us in a big way, whether positively or negatively. Hence, it’s absolutely mandatory that the house exudes the good positive vibes so that we are ready to face the world with a smile.

Here are some wonderful tips for new homemakers. Keeping these few things in mind while setting up or buying or even renting a new place can go a long way in bringing good health, wealth, happiness and sound relationship in your life.

  1. It all starts with love, harmony and compatibility. If there is an understanding of each other’s thought process, life’s aspirations are easier to fulfil. Hence bedroom energies play an important role in this compatibility. Your bedroom is a haven of rest and relaxation after a hard day’s work. It is a place where love gets the chance to blossom, an area where the two people can spend quality time with each other. Keep the colours neutral while choosing the décor. Anything too strong such as fire tones of reds and oranges can create short tempers, volatile energy and restlessness at night. Keep the television out of the bedroom if possible. The reflective surface of the big television screen acts as a mirror and when it reflects the bed, it creates unnecessary issues between couples. It is also good to know that a solid wall behind the bed headrest offers support to the couple. Avoid windows or mirrors behind the bed. Window are best suited to the side of the bed. Ensure that the mirror does not reflect the bed either. The side cabinets should be the equal size to bring equality in the relationship. Do not fill the bed box with unnecessary items. Keep dustbins out of the room. 
  2. North, Northeast & East Zones are the purest zones of the house. North brings us career success; Northeast brings us a clear thought process and creates a harmonious flow of energy and East brings us networking and upward mobility. Ensure that these zones are devoid of toilet, kitchen and storeroom. Use soft pastel colour tones here such as white and powder blue. Keep these zones clutter-free. This can really raise the good energies in the house. If these zones are compromised, we lose opportunities.
  3. While choosing art, always remember that it will bring you the same kind of energy vibrations as its depiction. Always make an effort to choose art that’s happy. Anything that depicts sadness, loneliness, devastation or calamity should be avoided. Instead, reach out for art that shows beauty, luxury, coupling, love, abundance and joy. You will be surprised how this can elevate the status of your house. Stay away from anything that represents loneliness. A lot of times people bring home images of Taj Mahal thinking it to be a symbol of love. Refrain from doing so as Taj Mahal is a mausoleum and represents sadness in love.
  4. Fill your common lounging spaces with family photographs, especially those that fill your heart with happy memories. Some of the best pictures to put up are those taken on holidays and vacations. It’s a constant reminder of happiness in one’s life. This is one of the easiest ways to let the joyous and warm vibes flow through your space. Don’t forget to upgrade and change the pictures in your photo frames every once in a while. This also allows us to keep upgrading the good energies around the house.
  5. Don’t forget to add some plant energy into the house. Plants bring growth energy and prosperity. But make sure you replace them if they wilt or die. Some wonderful plants to choose from are Lucky Bamboos, Peace Lilies, Money Plant, Tangerine, and Jade. The best zones for creating green area in your house are East, Southeast and South. You can choose open spaces such as balcony, garden, dining space and living room for your plants. Avoid keeping them in the bedroom.
  6. Entrance Door is the first point of attracting good energies. If your entry is well lit, inviting and beautiful, it has the ability to uplift the vibration of the house. Do not keep shoes, brooms, mops and dustbins at the entrance. The door should be well kept and it should be smooth while opening and shutting. Creaking sound, stuck doors, cracks on the doors are all an easy way to block good energies from entering. Always use a protective symbol at the entrance.
  7. And lastly, the kitchen – the zone where food is cooked. Ensure that you go to bed after cleaning the kitchen every night. Remove anything that is broken or chipped or way past its expiry.

Try these abundance tips and keep choosing happiness.

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