Stuti Gawri, Interior Designer and Director, The Greyy Room

Stuti Gawri is a third-generation businesswoman in a family of architectural experts, who have been in the industry since the 1980’s. After earning a degree in interior design from Raffles College of Design & Commerce, Australia, she set up a project very close to her heart – The Greyy Room in 2017, under the guidance of her father, Mr. Vipin Gawri, Director of Gawri Constructions. A multifaceted interior design company, The Greyy Room is based in New Delhi and does design consultancy, interior styling and project execution pan India. Launched with the aim of bringing about a change in the design world, Stuti also started her own furniture manufacturing. She is a creative designer of bespoke furniture, an interior designer and has been executing numerous designing projects over the last 7 years. In conversation with Stuti Gawri, who infuses comfort with luxury.


How has entrepreneurship changed business?

According to me, entrepreneurship is a global trend that is at a steady rise. Apart from presenting business opportunities for all, it also helps in fostering economic development at a micro and macro level. Smart entrepreneurs act as agents of change and help remold communities through innovation and problem-solving. Some basic characteristics of entrepreneurship that have changed businesses are fostering job creation and creating a profitable enterprise that is not only sustainable but is also socially responsible. Entrepreneurship helps in creating partnerships that transfer knowledge and skill which can in turn help the business community as a whole, thus improving the standards of living. The current surges of smart entrepreneurs are pioneering what we see as a global shift in business trends.

What are some small changes one can make at home to make WFH more conducive for work?

Comfort, ergonomics, design, décor and perspective are some important factors one should consider to make WFH more conducive for work. It is important for one to understand that your surroundings should have a positive impact on your work output whether it is in terms of quality or quantity. Since the onset of the pandemic, interior designers have been solving problems related to space and its functionality along with the importance of sustainability and ergonomics. There’s a major emphasis on the privacy of individuals now since offices have moved into homes and the role of our homes has changed completely leading to more flexile spaces. To solve the issue of working from home we designed and launched The Greyy Pods, which are smart and modern solutions for home offices that can be customized to suit each individual’s need, leading to increased workflow and output.

How did The Greyy Room adapt to Covid times in terms of interior design?

Changing times, the ongoing pandemic has encouraged businesses to reinvent themselves and think of different aspects along with developing ideas that are innovative, fresh, and new. As we all are well aware, there has been a major shift in the work culture within our country as well as a significant transformation globally. Foreseeing this change and adapting to this new brave and ever changing world, The Greyy Room’s newly launched collection – They Greyy Pod, is a unique solution to all problems as it allows one to have their own mini workstation wherever they want & also encourages social distancing.

Inspired by Coffee Pods, Work Pods are portable workstations that transmit us into a different zone from our surroundings and make it easy for us to concentrate on our work. This customizable and portable work pod can be placed in hotel lobbies, commercial spaces, corporate offices, homes etc. A dedicated work space makes working from anywhere easier and prevents bad work postures and health issues.

What advice would you give upcoming startups?

We stand by our core values of integrity, passion, continuous learning, innovation, teamwork, and quality and it is these values that have kept us on top of our game, attached us to our existing clients, and have helped build the borage of new clients. Starting a new journey without knowing what lies ahead is always tough and challenging, but who said that this journey would be easy? Believe in yourself, take risks, have a spearhead vision, and help your teammates grow as well. This will be your biggest motivation. There are going to be pitfalls, but imagine the learning and the growth out of that.

Tell us more about Greyy Pods: how it works and how it helps employees stay safe.

Resetting for the new normal, changing with times & adjusting to this new way of life was the main inspiration behind The Greyy Pod. The Greyy Pods are tactfully designed, well-structured work pod that does not compromise on one’s comfort yet gives the luxury to work in style. Each pod is carefully handcrafted & detailed with unique features that mimic a mini office and can be installed anywhere & everywhere. The Pods are gaining huge popularity and might be the new big revolution in corporate and residential interior design.

The pods allow privacy and comfort which is very essential so one can give a 100% to their work schedules apart from it being designed ergonomically. Our 4’x2’ work pod is power-packed with isolation side panels that encourage social distancing, inbuilt storage spaces, lumbar support, comfortable seating for long work hours along with power sockets that can help charge your laptops or phones without moving. One of its unique features is the laptop swing arms that can fold once your workday is over, hence saving space. The Greyy Pods are available in the following categories namely, The GreyyLuxe, The GreyyNeu, The Greyy Classic and The Greyy Briefcase. These Pods are extremely unique in the country, with features like Bluetooth, customizable colored fabrics, lumbar support, inbuilt storages, power sockets – making it personal for every individual.

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