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Mayank Arya is a dynamic entrepreneur with more than 10 years of rich experience in starting profitable business from scratch. Beside being the Co-founder of a non-funded profitable startup – Yes Madam – India’s Most affordable and Transparent Service tech company, he has several successful ventures running abroad under his hat. He was one of the early adapters of Internet and technology and started an e-commerce venture in Singapore in 2004 during his college days. Later in 2009, he started manufacturing of Ayurvedic medicine and holds a patent for a formulation for curing Marasmus and Miscarriage.He is a gym freak, loves swimming, travelling, reading and believes in owning his morning by starting his day at 4:30 am. Education – DNS & B.Com. – Singapore.


It is well known that the latest pandemic has changed the way most businesses and operations work. It has brought many reforms in the hygiene department, and it seems like those reforms are here to stay. 

But when we talk about the salon industry, there is no doubt that the market went fairly low during the initial stage of the pandemic, particularly during the complete lockdown. While earlier people hesitated to try at-home services, the pandemic has shaped a different narrative today. It has been observed that people feel much more comfortable at home rather than being in any other public place. It is the reason why at-home services are said to thrive.

However, the lockdown enabled brainstorming by providing ample time to think. And soon WHO released the guidelines on how to maintain safety & hygiene. Therefore, the salon-at-home industry itself incorporated all the safety measures recommended by the World Health Organization and leapt towards providing safe home services.

Pre-COVID Vs Post-COVID difference in the salon industry

While many salons took basic hygiene precautions earlier, many lacked the resources but are now being forced to incorporate safety measures.  Salon-at-home service aggregators have been a part of the former as good ones earlier as well followed certain steps, such as the use of mono-doses, disposables, etc. to maintain safety & transparency. But ever since the virus entered our lives, many more items have been added to the safety measures list.

The salon industry, in particular, has to be very careful of the safety protocols as it requires direct contact with clients. In the post-COVID world, each player of the salon industry focuses on providing super-hygienic and safe services to assure customer satisfaction.

The pandemic has highlighted the benefits of home services, and many people do prefer them. Especially since the situation demanded everything to be done at home, it is apparent that grooming at home and other home services also saw a sharp rise. Before COVID-19, many people were unsure about calling someone home to get services and the idea didn’t quite settle with them. However, with the lockdown placed in almost every area and being unable to get regular services done, home services did become a need of the hour. And gradually people are getting comfortable with them, considering that the safety precautions are taken.

Safety protocols for at-home salon services

In such unprecedented times, if any business wants to thrive then it must take safety and hygiene seriously. And especially for salon services, safety measures are something that shall stay in practice long after COVID-19 disappears. 

It has become difficult to imagine a world where tools are not sanitized before a haircut, or someone is being too close to you without a mask. The pandemic has left a fear in our minds and we do what we can to protect ourselves from any infectious disease. 

To stay safe amid such times, certain safety measures are very important. Let’s look into some of the safety precautions that good salon-at-home service providers follow-

  • All salon-at-home service partners should get vaccinated for COVID-19 as soon as possible
  • Its experts provide services with a full PPE kit, disposable masks, gloves, etc.
  • All tools and equipment are properly sanitized before use
  • They should use mono doses for everything possible to ensure safety & transparency
  • Temperature monitoring of all experts is done before assigning them services
  • 13 safety protocols are being followed to ensure maximum safety

Such safety protocols have to be followed by each business in the salon industry to keep it growing. 

Customer reassurance & branding 

The uncertainty of things has made everyone hesitant of doing anything that is not essential. This is why brands should reassure their customers on how they are taking care of safety and hygiene. 

This can only be done with proper branding wherein it would be showcased how companies in the beauty industry are taking steps towards providing safe services. It is important for customers to feel safe while taking services from their chosen brand. Constant reassurance will lead to better customer trust. 

Summing Up

In the end, what will be left after the COVID-19 crisis is the strong, well-fitted, and evolved beauty industry. With the information on wellness increasing, people will not let the beauty and wellness industry downsize. The need for a soothing spa is now more than ever! 

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