Sana Afreen, CCO & Asst. Director Program Management, Rizzle

Sana is CCO & Assistant Director at Rizzle, has always strived to make organizations successful by translating her knowledge of business practices and experiences into pragmatic solutions with lasting impact. She has a mixture of skills. And some of her key strengths include project management, content marketing, product management, social media strategy, community building, start-up consultation, legal liaisoning & public speaking. She has also been a consultant to start-ups since 2016. She has a mixture of skills. And some of her key strengths include project management, content marketing, product management, social media strategy, community building, start-up consultation, legal liaisoning & public speaking. Before joining Rizzle, she has worked with GrabOn and helped the brand launch new products, as well in their growth and retention marketing initiatives, cracking critical strategic partnerships, and more. She had also been a consultant to start-ups since 2016.


Short video Industry has grown drastically this decade. Working in the Industry for close to 4 years now it’s all to say Content is the King.

The digital world runs on content. It increases lead generation, boosts conversion rates, and increases traffic to businesses.

However, creating content that can accomplish all of that takes excellent preparation and strategy. Content producers encounter numerous obstacles along the way.

Anyone who produces material is a content creator, in my opinion. This could be a committed group, a freelancer, or a startup business owner who handles all aspects of digital marketing, including content generation, themselves.

People are not aware of the numerous challenges that daily content producers encounter. Diverse content creation is more difficult than it appears. We occasionally need a few days to release a video and find the perfect caption. The journey of content creation can be easily started, but maintaining it is challenging.

It takes a lot of time and effort for content developers to produce new material. Producing has much more to do with it than just short 30-second videos. When generating content, creators need to be aware of a lot of different aspects. 

Here are four of the issues that content creators encounter most frequently.

  • Tough to make money with solely one’s talents

It takes time for the creators to gain recognition and followers at the initial stage. Only then can they begin to make money off of their talent. New Indian short video creators have a hard time finding brand partnerships and easy ad money on the current social media platforms. To be able to earn money, creators would need to build up a sizable following or influence.

  • Not getting fame & recognition by the public

Everybody has a yearning to be a creator. One needs to stand out to get recognized by the public. Due to the short attention span of internet media, it is hard to attain exposure.

Creators will need to support one another in promoting, increasing awareness, and growing their audience on various platforms.

  • Lack of a feeling of communal affiliation

Sometimes artists don’t feel like they belong to any artist community. It is crucial for them to acknowledge and value creators in their own community, form their own guilds, come together, and respect and encourage one another if they want to receive recognition at higher levels. The key to feeling a sense of belonging to the creator community is “community building.”

  •  Unprotected originality

50% of the internet content that people consume is crawler content or non-original clips, which has a long-term negative impact on user hunger and the creative economy and is the driving force behind the expansion of the Indian short video industry. In the digital era, plagiarism is a major problem, and platforms need to do more to prevent it and defend the rights of artists. The only people who are allowed to walk the red carpet are original creators. Otherwise, the original ones’ reputation will be diminished.

  • Content with poor marketing

You must market your material across a variety of channels if you want to get the most mileage out of it. Sponsored posts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (or wherever the majority of your audience is located) are a wonderful place to start.

Other methods include writing a guest post for well-known blogs, receiving press coverage, teaming up with influencers in your field, and communicating with potential followers on social media platforms. You’ll also get new content ideas from this.

Businesses should think about making an investment in social media technologies to assist their marketing and content development teams in learning more about audience preferences.

  • Choosing a position with regard to the content

Today, few concepts sound novel. There is someone operating a business comparable to almost anyone you can imagine. However, being original is not a requirement for success. You do, however, require new viewpoints.

Even though there is a tonne of information available and most of it is repeated, people still have trouble finding answers to the same problems. Additionally, new research is constantly coming out.

Create content that follows trends but advances the discussion of any given issue to stand out. Speculate freely. In order for content teams to be able to develop a voice that positions the brand, businesses must communicate their marketing objectives to them. By this, I do not mean that content creators should speak about what they personally believe in. When it comes to producing material that sounds aggressive and original, content writers need direction and room to maneuver.

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