Pradhyuman Maloo, Creative Director, Nornament

Pradhyuman is the first generation entrepreneur taking the legacy of Nornament ahead, Started by his mother Sushma Maloo in 1998 an iconoclast with her forward thinking and unique designs in a male dominated industry. Pradhyuman holds a Bachelor’s in Science Degree and Commerce from HR College Mumbai and later pursued his Master’s at Cass Business School in London, and was mentored by stalwart founders and professors. After completing his education, Pradhyuman joined Nornament and helped develop internal structures and models to streamline quality encompassing his mother’s vision for bespoke luxury jewellery. His time abroad coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit and eclectic mind infused a modernity and wokeness to the brand.


In today’s era, sustainability has many meanings for the consumer. Sustainability to them means to consciously be aware of each purchase they make by understanding the process of jewellery making and supporting brands that observe and respect proper ethical standards and practices. Sustainable jewellery can range from using local materials and skills to using ethically mined raw materials; from using recycled metals to using eco-friendly packaging materials; from redesigning old pieces of jewellery to reusing old pieces and stones.It is in fact, a return to that age-old lesson we were taught in school. To reduce, to recycle and to reuse.

The new era of consumers consider value enriched, meaningful, customized and transparent practices as the most important traits while purchasing a piece of jewellery. They understand the importance of sustainable living and are happy to lead conversations around sustainability in their own context. People are learning that sustainability comes from reusing what they already have, reimagining it to suit their current needs. With such a perspective, customers are owning their choices and the control they can exercise over their purchases.

This is why at Nornament, redesigning existing jewellery leads our conversation for sustainable jewellery. At Nornament, we believe in creating vessels for storing emotions through jewellery. When we redesign a piece, not only do we carry forward a legacy but all retain the emotional value of the piece; not only does it help us to reduce the carbon print by using existing materials but it also helps us create modern wearable pieces in a cost effective manner. With redesigning, the jewellery pieces take on a new life while remaining conscious of the environment. It is in harmony with the environment and its health that a piece is recreated. Redesigned jewellery pieces are a demand of the modern customers as jewellery holds a lot of emotional and investment value. It’s like solving two problems with one complete solution.

The current pandemic has taught us the importance of sustainability in our way of living. There is no place anymore for us to take our available resources for granted. There is too much that we are dependent on and too many ways for us to lose what we have. Sustainability then is no longer an option, but a pressing need for our survival and wellbeing. We have translated this into the materials we use, and the very structure of our pieces. Using existing materials like recycled gold and old mined stones or alternative materials not only has a benefit in terms of sustenance but it is also much more affordable. At Nornament, our usual practise is to use recycled gold for creating new as well as redesigned pieces of jewellery. Recycling materials helps us to be more efficient in all aspects in the long term.

We believe in using stones and materials locally available as it helps the local economy. By educating customers of local materials and incorporating jewellery with local skills and products, we intend to help in skill development for the local population. This practise helps us to create better bonds between the artist and the consumer and helps to uplift the local population. While reducing the number of purchases is necessary, it is important then that we figure out ways for our purchases to be in control. Customers are a lot more aware of where they are spending, how they are spending and the longevity of a potential purchase. We have kept this firmly in mind through every step of our process, ensuring that our designs and pieces are timeless and value enriched.

In this current digital age, mapping the journey of the materials and jewellery too has become possible. At Nornament, we believe in using materials with verified accountability of the journey from origin to the jewellery. We are striving to create a platform to map the whole jewellery making process digitally to bring about the ultimate transparency in our practise and give a real taste of the craftsmanship required to make a piece of jewellery. No business or endeavour benefits from a practice of hiding or holding back. Transparency is of a value we cannot and refuse to compromise on.

When one speaks of sustainability, one only thinks in terms of the environment. However, it is about a lot more than that. It is also the health of the workers who handle metals, chemicals and various difficult processes. It is about the artisans who are doing the work, and executing our ideas. We avoid certain metals that cause harm to the health of the workers , although they turn out to be a cheap alternative to more ethical processes. We make sure to keep a check on our internal processes to streamline it to be more transparent and fair.

It is a commitment to sustainability in every aspect of the process. It is a holistic understanding of a concept that is the need of the hour for every inch of the world. We are committed to true sustainable practices, change that is not subtle but overt in its execution and nature.

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