Anish Rakheja, Founder, Krescon Coaches

Anish Rakheja, popularly known as Coach Anish, is the Founder of Krescon Coaches. He has industry experience of over three decades — wherein he has guided and mentored many business leaders and professionals in their journey of creating a legacy that truly matters. An IIT-Roorkee graduate, Anish has completed his MBA from the National Institute Industrial Engineering National Institute of Industrial Engineering. Following this, he worked for more than 17+ years with globally-renowned corporates like HCL Technologies and IBM. However, through all these years in the corporate ecosystem, Anish had felt something was always “missing” in his life – something about himself that he needed to find out! Eventually, he realized that his own WHY i.e. the “purpose” of his own life was not clear yet. So, he immersed himself in a lot of self-reflection and introspection and was finally able to zero down on coaching and mentoring as his future career trajectory. This newfound realization is what gradually led to the genesis of Krescon Coaches — a global comprehensive Legacy Creation, Business Succession Planning; Leadership Grooming, and Career Transformation firm that celebrates and enables the idea of living a purposeful life.


Be it in any country across the globe, its entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurship ecosystem at large are today considered invaluable assets and the key catalysts of a nation’s socio-economic transformation, growth and development. And of course, India is no exception. Off late, the entrepreneurship ecosystem in our country has received tremendous momentum and boost, thanks to the Government’s backing through initiatives like ‘Make in India’, ‘Startup India’ and so on, and the commendable spirit and work done by many inspirational entrepreneurs who are emerging from all walks of the society and the economy!

That being said, there are many entrepreneurs in India and the world today who are also failing to make a mark in their respective spheres and to leave their legacies in this burgeoning entrepreneurial arena in today’s day and age. As a matter of fact, industry estimates suggest that over 80 per cent of all startups are unable to continue their business operations within less than a year since starting their businesses! But why do so many entrepreneurs fail so quickly, while some others would go ahead and create an impeccable Legacy for themselves and reach the pinnacle of transformative leadership while also simultaneously changing the world for the better forever? The answer to that question lies in the know-how of mastering one’s mind and embarking on the worthwhile journey of Legacy Creation. 

While creating a superlative Life and Legacy for yourself as an entrepreneur might sound like an uphill and daunting task; however, following the steps mentioned below (in successive order) can make it easy, seamless, and immensely valuable:

Identify Your Values 

Our Values are what we connect deeply with and what defines our identity; they are what we consider worthy of living by them. Values are embedded deeply in our being, which acts as a filter of sorts for our external responses or behaviors. Furthermore, Values can also enable entrepreneurs vis-à-vis correct decision-making throughout their lives and business journeys, while also serving as the building blocks for developing his/her empowering beliefs. When an entrepreneur is able to quiet his/her inner turbulence and act based on their Value System, it results in laser-focused thinking, impactful leadership, and increasing resilience to be in a flow state and excel in today’s fast-changing VUCA world. Therefore, the first step is to identify your Values and embrace them as an indispensable part of yourself and your decision-making in business and in life.  

Find Your Identity

Given that every human being on our planet is unique in their own way, it is extremely crucial to find out what makes you, you.  And the answer to that lies in finding your own ‘Identity’ – which will enable you as an existing or aspiring entrepreneur to know and accept who you truly are and what you would like to be remembered as. Finding your Identity is something that we normally seek as part of the spiritual aspect of our life. However, when we let the quest of our true Identity also carried over in the other aspects like the professional, social, personal or family, it ultimately leads us to knowing our true self. Rediscovering and remaining connected with one’s true Identity supported by one’s core Values is among the important ingredients for creating our Legacy.

 The Big ‘Why’: Finding Your Purpose

Now that we have talked about ‘Who’ we are, it’s time to focus on the ‘WHY’ aspect of the Legacy Creation process. ‘Why’ you do what you do and ‘What’ is the ultimate purpose of your existence and the business you are running? If you have not given this a serious conscious thought till now, it’s time to do so. Entrepreneurs not only need to discover their own Purpose in life but also their Business’ Purpose; and if and when these two are aligned with each other, it certainly puts you on the pedestal of achieving massive success. Be mindful not to confuse your WHY (the reason) with the WHATs (the actions) and the HOWs (the motions) of business. The true reason you do a business never changes, whereas the WHATs you do to cater to that reason and so should the HOW that puts every WHAT into motion. So, if the WHY is continuously changing or the WHATs & HOWs are stagnant for long, in both the cases, it likely takes you away from your Legacy Creation and rather may even become the reason for the destruction of the Legacy you may have already created till date.  

Once you have found your Values, Identity, and Purpose, you become a VIP in your own right. Yet that’s not enough to settle with…

Next, it’s Time to Become a VVIP with Your ‘Vision’!

The next step for an entrepreneur who wants to win in life and business is to find and add another ‘V’, i.e. his/her ‘Vision’. An entrepreneur’s Vision is indeed the starting point of a roadmap that essentially determines where he or she would go with their entrepreneurial efforts. The Vision that emerges from the Values, Identity and the Purpose of an entrepreneur is what makes him into a visionary leader, a true Legend. Such a visionary leader will have the conviction, strength and inner stability to continue to march towards the goal of creating and leaving a meaningful Legacy behind, and in the process experiencing a fulfilling living. Such a leader will always demonstrate a serving and holistic approach in his words, thoughts and actions. 

The Endgame: Reaching Your Leadership Thinking Pinnacle to Start Legacy Creation 

Once an entrepreneur has integrated the Vision and the Purpose with their Values and Identity, this automatically makes him/her ready to unleash their inner potential to the fullest by enabling that person to reach the Pinnacle of Leadership Thinking. And thereafter starts the unstoppable journey of constantly achieving dazzling heights of self and business growth and success, thereby paving the way towards a fantastic Legacy Creation while living a superlative life and making a superlative impact on others’ lives and lifestyles too.   

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