Kumar Mayank, CEO & Co-Founder, Zimyo

A graduate of IIM Lucknow, Mayank comes with a decade’s worth experience in Product Management working across Banks and Microfinances with his last stint as AVP – Payments and Digital Innovations for MFI-turned Small Bank. It is during his stint with the Microfinance working with SMB Employees that he realized the absence of “financial education and products” for SMB employees and decided to work on the cause.


Human resource is one of the prime departments in any organization. Where ample organizations have pivoted towards an automated HR culture, on the flip side, many still are going on with the traditional ways. Going paperless not only saves time but enhances productivity and HR leaders can focus more on the important aspects to boost the overall efficiency of the organization.

HR, if given the right reins such as automated solutions, cloud-based data, and online support – may have the odds in their favor to aid the business operations and the workforce.

An HRM solution, if used to its full capacity can streamline workflows and augment the efficiency of the whole organization.  Leaders and managers can lean on its processes for HR management, talent management, even payroll and some added benefits for the employees.

A business can attain a shedload of benefits by bidding goodbye to the traditional HR methods and embracing the modern-day tech-driven methods such as;

  •       Withdrawal of dossier
  •       A swell in productivity rate
  •       Saving costs, hours, and resources
  •       Security of in-cloud data
  •       Being ahead in the game, etc., to name a few.

What exactly is HRMS and why is it gaining traction?

Human Resource Management System (HRMS), is an automated software that amalgamates all the information about employees in a single database and manages organizational resources, HR processes, administration, employee performances, and the benefits too.

As an organization’s team, clientele, and the needs snowball, simultaneously the responsibilities of the HR department do too. A segment of it like – applicant tracking, hiring, payroll, leave entitlement, etc., can be managed more effectively with the assistance of advanced solutions.

That’s the cue of an HRMS software. They aid the HR departments in automating manual tasks, saving quality time, storing and organizing employee data, and developing reports accordingly. The elimination of paper documents becomes practical for managers and employees alike.

In the modern tech-driven era, Human Resources can forge a culture that aligns more responsively, adaptively, and receptively with digitalization.

By making use of solutions like HRMS with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), HCM systems, Payroll management, and a lot more, managers can embed technology within the daily operations of the employees to assist in developing a dynamic workflow.

Additionally, the HRMS ensures an efficient administration of the employee benefits program as well. Protect the rights and benefits of all the employees by adeptly managing their bonuses, arrears, overtime, workspace safety, insurance reimbursements, and a lot more.

The responsibilities of the HR department can’t be overlooked, whether hiring a couple of employees or a hundred. If the tasks are fumbles, they can spiral down in the blink of an eye, devouring precious time and resources in their wake.

With an integrated HRMS solution, employers can perform everyday tasks swiftly and with ease, including:

  •       Posting openings on job boards
  •       Recruitment of candidates
  •       Onboarding of new hires
  •       Managing performances
  •       Administering time, attendance, leaves, etc.
  •       Running payroll processes
  •       Addressing and notifying the employees about new information
  •       Engaging with everyone
  •       Staying within the compliances
  •       Maintaining transparency

Benefits of conducting a paper-less HR culture

Some prime benefits that are in the bag for organizations opting to go paperless with Zimyo would be;

  •       A streamlined solution for grouping and managing applicant resumes.
  •       Resume parsing feature to sort through the bulk with the pre-defined parameters in accordance with job requirements.
  •       Ease of tracking potential employees in their interview processes, with additional evaluations from the employer.
  •       Swift and effortless onboarding for new hires without any physical paperwork.
  •       Easy access to important files and information by new recruits whenever they require it.
  •       Quality security and confidentiality of sensitive employee information.
  •       Automated report generation for analysis of employee performances and other important data.
  •       Administration of all employees – from any geographical location – through a single platform.
  •       An individual platform for everyone – conduction of surveys and gathering of feedback, now easier than ever for the HR leaders.
  •       Increases the productivity of the HR by allowing them to focus on more important tasks at hand rather than keeping checks on employees.
  •       Makes payroll processing easier and error-free, saving HR the manual labor.
  •       From onboarding to offboarding, everything is managed smoothly with the software and no additional hours are spent on less productive things.
  •       Surges employee morale by empowering the employees with a self-service module.

Going paperless and augmenting the productivity

Even with digitalization on a rise all over the globe, paper still dominates the business empire. The paper consumption of the majority of the companies everywhere is astronomical.

By bringing an automated HRM software into the game, equipped with e-documents, you can aid your management in saving precious hours that were burnt in carrying out manual processes. Furthermore, you can preserve thousands of rupees spent on paper and other resource costs. 

The goal is to be the HR platform that everyone simply just needs in their organizations. Both the SMBs and the employees should adopt Zimyo for meeting their HR and benefits needs. We are on a mission to provide a holistic HRMS solution to businesses and help transform their HR operations by replacing the traditional methods.

Redirect your company towards the cloud and blast off into the future with paperless products and services.


Often enterprises are seen to hammer square pegs into round holes in the way they operate their automated technologies for HR. For instance, using ERP systems for record-keeping, payroll, and a job description database as the tool for HR department to use.  The said tools can be used as a band-aid for some, but they simply don’t have the capabilities that HR needs to have focused and quality growth. 

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