Pasupathi Sankaran, COO, HirePro

Pasupathi Sankaran, COO at HirePro, has over two decades of experience in the recruitment industry. His expertise in recruitment consulting, recruitment setup and implementation, change management, compliance, automation, metrics, and training, has helped shape HirePro into a unique and comprehensive hiring technology and solutions company. Driven by the mission of transforming talent acquisition supply chain management into a mature science, he has created a strong edge for the service platform in the market. Prior to HirePro, Pasupathi worked with SAP Labs India for 7 years.


Over the years, organisations of all sizes have recognised the value of attracting new talent through university recruitment. They invest heavily in the resources needed for end-to-end campus recruiting, but this was not always the case. About a decade ago, campus placements meant colourful stalls, a stack of company brochures, and rapid-fire interview rounds. Fast forward to today, evolution and digitisation have transformed how we work and live. 

Without technology-driven solutions, campus recruitment is a time-consuming process sure to set businesses back significantly in the war for talent. Automation tools developed by companies like HirePro have reduced manual interference by 65 per cent for their clients, allowing businesses to use their time to engage with top talent effectively. Businesses today are attempting to optimise their engagement with candidates in the initial stages to enable both large-scale and quality recruitment. This begs the question, how did one industry evolve tenfold in ten years? Let us take a look.

The shift in campus hiring dynamics

Formal pre-placement speeches and presentations to students by employers to promote the organisation’s virtues are long gone. Students from today’s digital generation heavily use technology and are now looking for firms that use unique approaches to promote immersive engagement, differentiating themselves from the crowd of cookie-cutter recruiters. 

To establish a vital connection with students, firms have chosen to build brand visibility through virtual reality videos, hackathons, ideathons, and case study competitions. Social media has become the primary medium for students to learn about a firm and contact and interact with employers. Businesses have recognised that candidate interaction needs to begin far earlier to adequately utilise this iceberg of a talent pool. These factors have resulted in the growing digital campus recruitment trend.  

As a result, clients no longer needed to send a group of staff members to recruitment events in other locations, saving them money on travel and lodging. In one case, a multinational corporation cut its campus hiring cycle from 13 weeks to three weeks by leveraging HirePro’s AI-powered recruitment platform. When the customer’s hiring teams had to visit colleges to set up and run events, they could only do three per day. The same organisation is now completing 25 digital campus recruitment events per day.

The pandemic-driven acceleration of digitisation 

In the middle of the global health crisis, digital recruiting became a must-have. Talent Acquisition executives all over the world hurried to discover ways to attract and hire the best talent remotely, and are now looking to make long-term investments in an end-to-end digital recruitment process. The pandemic also made it nearly impossible for recruiters to travel to campuses and conduct regular recruitment drives. The uncertain circumstances made it imperative for businesses to utilise technology to drive campus recruitment. 

Campus recruitment, characterised by high volumes and a wide range of tasks, has profited substantially from complete process automation. It quickly became understood that recruitment is as much about people as the process. HirePro’s College Hiring Workflows meets this requirement for employers. With AI-powered workflows and fraud-proof assessments and interviews, it is an end-to-end automated solution for remote college hiring.

This shift to digital platforms has enabled recruiters to conduct smart and scalable placement drives from home. Some digital offerings that help alleviate the operational complexity of campus recruitments include proctored online assessments with quick results, video interviews, and seamless remote onboarding.

The future of Campus Hiring 

The internet has irrevocably altered everything, from how we communicate with others to how we recruit talent. In large corporations, hybrid work models have become a hot topic of discussion. As companies open their doors to fully and partially remote workforces, the demand for virtual recruitment platforms will only grow in the coming years. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already being used in various aspects of the recruitment process by organisations worldwide. HirePro is India’s only business that offers a complete campus employment solution. It began as a recruitment consultancy and operations agency, but automation soon took control, followed by digitisation as the star of the show. Given the trends observed by HirePro over the last two decades, the recruitment industry is on a fast- track to becoming digitised. 

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