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From being employed as an unassuming material for setting the foundation of the house to becoming a chic home décor piece, concrete has come a long way. Creating a perfect neutral backdrop with its minimalistic style and rogue appearance, concrete has evolved as an ideal option when it comes to enhancing the beauty of interiors. In the polarizing design trends, concrete home décor pieces continue to dominate the aesthetic spectrum for the past few decades.

The durable nature of concrete allows infinite possibilities for rendering sculptural and tactile effect to a wide array of home décor pieces. The streamlined modernism associated with the concrete home décor items evokes an unexpected sense of utilitarian chic. The ready-to-use concrete mixtures even enable one to create home décor pieces inculcating their personal style and taste.

The neutrality of concrete material works well with modern, traditional, bohemian setup. So, whether you desire to refurnish interiors for a quick makeover or follow the trends, including concrete items can prove to be a game-changer. Here are some of the benefits that concrete home décor pieces offer.

Less carbon footprint 
With the increasing awareness towards green living, people are opting for eco-friendly home décor alternatives. And when it comes to sustainable décor choices, concrete pieces top the list. Concrete items put less stress on the environment as they can be reused, recycled, and resourced into every style imaginable. Whether you want rustic chic or contemporary minimalism, concrete home décor pieces add an exquisite feel to the home without polluting the environment or generating waste. Although concrete manufacturing requires energy consumption, it is still considered an eco-friendly material due to its less carbon footprint in regards to wood, plastic, etc.

Unlike metal or wood home décor items that may require regular maintenance to avoid weathering, concrete structures require low to zero maintenance. Depending on the concrete piece, one can simply dust off dirt and debris with a dry cloth a few times a week. For polished concrete, special cleaners and polishers are also easily accessible, which can be applied with a damp cloth. If you want to renew the look of a concrete item, you can always modify its texture, color, or pattern and make it more decorative. Even regular coatings would result in a much lower maintenance cost than that for wood or steel. Being extremely durable, concrete is mostly resistant to scratches or damage.

Renovating a house can turn out to be an expensive proposition if one starts to splurge money on re-doing the little elements. But, keeping a tight budget does not necessarily mean compromising on the design choices. One can save up on expenses by including decorative concrete pieces, which do not require much additional maintenance costs and lasts for years. A heavy concrete decorative piece can lend a tone of visual weight to the room and instantly draw attention. Thus, an not so expensive concrete piece can become a focal point of your home and represent your style.

To add a personal touch to your home, you can compose decorative concrete pieces on your own utilizing a ready-to-use concrete mix. With a handful of equipment, a ready-to-use concrete mixture, beautiful colors, and a pinch of creativity, one can design some most elegant pieces in a matter of time.

Better air quality
From candlesticks to bowls, delicate accessories to lamps, interior designers are employing decorative concrete in a variety of ways to complement various design styles. But, well-crafted concrete planters have become the talk of the town ever since people realized how it enhances the functionality of indoor plants. The porous property of concrete supports better absorption of water and essential nutrients to the plant roots. Since the commercial concrete planters come with a protective sealant, the lime does not hinder the soil alkalinity. The thick density of concrete planters keeps the soil at an ideal temperature, which encourages plant growth. There is no risk of damage with concrete planters as the thick walls create a barrier for preventing water leakage in your home or patio. Since concrete planters come in various shapes and sizes, one can easily accommodate them to their workspace or home. Intricate design and style of concrete planters would only add aesthetic value to the surroundings.

Unlimited design possibilities 
With concrete, you can customize a variety of home décor items in any shape, size, pattern, texture, or color. Innovation and advances in concrete mixing have provided an immense opportunity to designers and architects to include concrete while designing homes. From bohemian to industrial, modern to farmhouse, concrete creates an astounding backdrop in any design style. The edgy structure and appearance of concrete pieces have made the versatile material an absolute hit among millennial. The gray color of concrete décor pieces matches perfectly with cabinetry and furniture in bold hues. The warm and natural elements of wood combined with the cold hard grey concrete allow each element a moment of spotlight. In  personal space, one can include concrete décor items in the kitchen, bathrooms, garden, bedroom, dining table, or dining table. Even many modern offices have also started to include concrete décor items and ditching paint on the concrete walls to give an extra edge to space.

It is quite evident that concrete is trending in both residential and commercial designs. The magazines and internet are filled with mesmerizing pictures of concrete home decor pieces, which are gaining more traction than ever. While no one can actually predict the design trends in the home décor industry, push for green building, sustainability would significantly shift the focus towards the concrete decorative system with a reduced environmental impact. Although the rising trend of minimalism helped to elevate concrete décor in the first place, now even the maximalists and practical homeowners have started to understand the importance of including concrete in their setting. Customizability, affordability, and durability can also drive home improvement enthusiasts to rely on concrete. So, it is clear that the application of concrete décor pieces would grow exponentially in the coming years.

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