Nirpeksh Kumbhat, Founder, SkillEnable

A visionary and a learned entrepreneur, Mr. Nirpeksh Kumbhat is the founder and CEO of SkillEnable, an edtech organization dedicated to bridging the gap between the industry and academics to improve the employability of job candidates. He plays a vital role in handling all the operations and formulating key business strategies for the organization. He also manages a team of 20 dedicated professionals who work in different departments like admissions and sales, academics, corporate relations and placements, finance and credit, marketing, and human resources. Being the decision-maker of the company, he also manages external client relationships, expansion projects, and charts out short-term and long-term goals for the organization.


The metaverse is a platform that enables us to experience imaginations beyond the real world. It’s fascinating how technology has evolved, everyone has access to the internet, and they get to explore the wonders of artificial intelligence. These have been possible due to the accumulation of data, analyzing and using them to create a user-friendly experience programme.

Metaverse, an expanding domain

Metaverse is an augmented reality where the reality meets the virtual assessment. It is a virtual world where you can live your life, explore the cafes, take your dog for a walk to the nice fountain park and experience working and buying digital assets like land, car and clothes through digital currency. The Metaverse has become one of the trending topics hence we can expect the metaverse to revolutionize the way we live our lives and how industries operate. Customers can benefit from it, and businesses can establish deeper connections with customers across the globe.

A person’s information and actions are studied in the form of a digital pattern to create a smooth interface. It is not easy to compile all data; data segregation through a data interpretation platform is essential. A data analyst or Data scientist works on the compilation of data and helps in arranging the valuable information to help their business. The credit for creating this beautiful virtual ecosystem of an independent world goes to the systematic arrangement of the data provided by the users on digital platforms.

Data science and its applications

Data plays a vital role in our day to day life. It is the information we give to access any service on the internet. PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is required on many websites to confirm the recognition of an individual. This information is stored in the cloud to make the user interface easy. Similarly, data storage and utilization are necessary for all industry segments. It gives an upper hand to recognizing the pattern of the work system and identifying the loophole and strong points of an organization. The developed artificial intelligence uses this data to create an altogether a fantasy world where you can be and do anything.

Meta world provides an environment where you live upon your imaginations. In the metaverse, you can create a character of your own and participate in the gaming world of soccer with the likes of “Cristiano Ronaldo” and “Lionel Messi”. You can go to a Green Day musical concert, experience the “Sahara Desert” wind in the scorching heat, and adventures mean infinity here. It is possible because data science and artificial intelligence work hand-in-hand.

Facebook, a major tech giant of modern times, saw the vision of a virtual world. With its handful of information of millions of user and their activities, they have projected to create a diversified world of communication and experience. They changed their name to meta and stimulated their communication innovation. You can engage in a meeting wearing a VR while and learn about metaverse while sitting on an open beach with a VR. The accessibility of personal data is fruitful in creating better updates. However, there is a prospect of breaching personal information, which leaves sensitive information at risk of theft.

Some life-changing experience mentioned below of the data storage and its implementation in the metaverse has changed the lifestyle and made the daily worldly engagement easy and convenient.

Metaverse shopping experience

The virtual accessibility of trying on your favourite dress, checking your decorative piece and choosing the right makeup satisfies your experience. These experiences are possible through augmented reality, where the data entered by the individual shapes the shopping experience. Many companies adopt this module on their website and apps, which give satisfaction to customers and helps the company enhance their user-friendly presence.

Marketing channel

The metaverse is not confined to leisure and entertainment, and it has become a hotspot for brands and companies to reach out to the people. People’s engagement in the virtual, experiencing, gaming, shopping and dining have open access for the brands to market their products. The AI helps in studying people’s behaviour by tracking user interaction, and this data helps create a better business module for the brands.

Data storage

The digital information provided by the user is stored on the digital platform. Similarly, the digital transition in NFTs and crypto are stored in cloud storage called a blockchain. Each time a change is made, a blockchain is created, which holds the accounts for the data. In simple words, it is the virtual ledger. People can use these digital currencies to buy NFTs and products on meta world and create assets. The transition information’s vital and encrypted. It secures the buyer’s information and is only accessible by the user.

Meta environment

  • The daily work schedule requires your presence in different fields. However, it’s not possible to be present at all the places in a short time. There comes the usage of virtual intelligence, where a virtual meeting through augmented reality would assure your presence at a different location from the comfort of your office.
  • It’s not just the meeting; you can choose to attend your class through VR and ask questions about your doubts. It is very convenient during the pandemic times.
  • A virtual assistant guiding you through your museum tour is possible by channelling the data into the app and customizing it with AI to solve your questions.

The coda

It’s imperative that data science groups approach the metaverse with an open mind as a way to improve the company. With all the updated data obtained, they can get an advantage of understanding and serving their customers. While the metaverse has the potential to promote connections, grow relationships, and expand businesses, businesses will likely face a steep learning curve. To make sense of this new reality and tap into new economic prospects, enterprises must effectively prepare for the metaverse and ensure that their data science strategy is straightforward, current, and effective.

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