Divij Bajaj, Founder & CEO, Power Gummies

Divij Bajaj is the founder & CEO of Power Gummies. He is an MBA and alumni of KMC College, University of Delhi. His nutraceutical start-up is a market leader in its segment. Promoting the concept of beauty from within, Divij consciously decided to ensure the products were vegan, gluten-free, gelatin-free and crafted cruelty-free.


The outbreak of Covid 19 compelled the world to adapt to the evolved way of healthy living. Lifestyle patterns of people have undergone a severe transformation with changes in daily routine, how we work, what we eat and even mundane things like our social engagement being shifted to video calls.

Peeping into every household would make one believe the increased demand for gummies, supplements, healthy food or protein drinks by the adults as a resort to nutrition and convenience. An intentional shift is being observed towards nutritional supplements in the post covid world as compared to the pre-covid customer psychic. Nowadays, customers have an understanding of crucial nourishing nutrients and resort to different supplement formats to boost their immunity, preventing the chances of contracting the virus and the ambiguity of fatality.

 An ever-increasing urge to build up a strong immunity and defence mechanism against the virus with the second wave has raised the demand since people have understood the actuality of the current situation and accepted food as the fundamental source of building a holistic life and good health. Increasing consumer demand opens the door for players to introduce scientifically backed supplements in the immunity-boosting category as the hot business opportunity. Also, especially in India, the situation has taken us back to our childhood days when demand for a whole range of immunity-boosting herbs like turmeric, tulsi, ginger was at its peak. 

What is Nutraceuticals : An OTC Product?

Nutraceuticals are formulated with performing ingredients that help in combating hereditary nutritional diseases, allergies, and physical ailments. These products are scientifically backed with compositions made up as per recommended RDA%, suited for all and can be consumed as an OTC product without doctor consultation except in case of severe medical conditions. The customer can dig the information regarding clinically proven evidence, certifications, know-how about benefits, ingredients, functionalities and outcomes.

Such nutraceutical innovations had led to the introduction of gummies as an alternative, enabling the body to absorb the vitamins, minerals, proteins and fibres faster than other alternatives. Commonly nutraceuticals are widely popular in immunity-boosting products, gut health, hair concerns, blood pressure and metabolism etc. 

Nutraceutical Industry: Changing Lives

What makes the nutraceutical industry unique is that they are scientifically proven safe for everyone offering transparency and are successful in dealing with health problems which arise due to nutrient deficiency. These supplements are meeting the nutritional requirements of the dynamic lifestyle of consumers with high technological standards, are formulated with all essential nutrients ranging from Vitamin A to E, zinc, iron, etc. which help in building the immunity system and also act as a fighter for other chronic diseases.

In this way, the nutraceutical industry aims to bridge the gap between a healthy diet and medicines. Concerning the covid, the consumption of potential nutrients and micro-nutrients like vitamin A, D, C, folic acid, zinc, etc. has substantially increased in India. The dependency on nutraceutical is a must to win over covid considering the increased pressure over the healthcare facilities in overpopulated and developing nations with non-availability of medical setups. Hence, providing consumers with self-prescribing, easy to take, affordable healthcare products should be the number one priority apart from vaccinations.

Nutraceutical has bridged the gap between taste and effectiveness, a sure shot lacking of pharmaceuticals especially in terms of taste. For instance, The Beach Body weight management gummies by Power Gummies have a good orange twist flavour, helps to increases energy, decrease calorie intake along with fat cutting ingredients like green coffee and L- carnitine.

In today’s hyper-active world, our diets suffer leading to chronic ailments and nutrition deficiencies which ultimately give birth to physical and mental stress. The nutraceutical industry is here to deal with these problems. It has come up with super manageable and effective products which can be carried and consumed easily without any trouble. Hence, playing an affirmative role in helping one follow a healthy path.

The biggest reform seen in this domain is because of our doctors who are now actively prescribing nutraceutical supplements for numerous health conditions to their patients. This has boosted the consumer’s confidence which is ultimately seen in the rising sales charts. At the same time, there has been a tremendous increase in the level of awareness among the consumers about the importance of lifestyle, fitness routines and diet. This increased the appreciation of nutritional products among consumers whilst seeing it as a great way of dealing with ailments.

What Sets the industry Apart:

Nutraceutical is regarded as the future of intelligent food and regarded as an incredible dietary enhancement to the everyday diet. An absolute game-changer tapping global market valued at approximately USD 117 billion. The Covid-19 second wave in India has significantly contributed to India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) with all healthcare facilities producing vitamin C and zinc on massive production levels. In the global scenario, with the post-vaccination phase and mask free living has begun in the US and many other European nations, yet a permanent change in consumer preferences for not consuming pills, quality check standards and understanding the side effects have been observed. An increased market share for chewable gummies and lozenges as supplements becoming part of daily life.

Bottom Line:

Up until now, supplements were primarily considered for kids, health-conscious people, bodybuilding enthusiasts, athletes or high-economic groups but the ever-increasing burden of diseases and rising apprehension amongst the consumers brought the industry to the limelight. Nutraceuticals have received considerable demeanour as a separate crucial industry line globally apart from pharmaceutical is a revolutionary recognition. An alternative to modern medicines. 

This has instilled faith in nutrition as a preventive measure in dealing with ailments, boosting immunity and also fighting the pre and post effects of Covid. Today nutraceutical is the segment that is wide enough for existing customers and still in development for new players to enter the market introducing problem-solving OTC products to become a part of people’s self-care regime.



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