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Caroline Purvey has dedicated over a decade to creating a unique, sustainable, cost effective programme to eradicate unnecessary suffering from stress, overwhelm, and trauma. An established and trusted brand TRE UK® delivers the Total Release Experience® programme which has transformed the lives of men, women, and children globally. Author of #1 bestseller ‘Feel It To Heal It’ Caroline comes highly recommended by professionals including doctors, counsellors, therapists, and psychologists. Her validated and accredited programme is adopted by Fire & Rescue, Police, and Prison Services. Her expertise is unparalleled, as is her drive and passion.


Globally nearly 1 billion people are suffering from mental health disorders. 12.8 billion workdays are lost in the UK alone because of anxiety and depression. Research from a study of managers and workers reveals the following which suggests the problem is not going away.

  • Half of the senior managers privately consider workers with mental ill-health a liability.
  • Employees continue to raise concerns that admitting mental health problems to their bosses could harm their careers.
  • 51% of managers admitted they considered a worker who was mentally unwell to be a “liability”.
  • 65% of managers thought talking about mental health at work was a sign of weakness.
  • 84% of managers felt employees risked missing out on promotion by admitting mental health issues.
  • 68% of the workers polled believed that telling their boss they were suffering from some form of mental health issue would impact their job.

This whole sorry situation for business leaders and owners comes at a cost. Mental health results in not least low productivity, low morale, and loss of revenue. To say this is a real problem for business leaders is an understatement.

Some insights into mental health

Physical, mental, and emotional health are intrinsic. Social engagement and behaviours, depending on the level of deeper suffering are also impacted. It may be comforting to know it is not only the overwhelm of work or the behaviour of the office bully or abuser that is the real cause of the problem. These situations are only part of the bigger picture and the tipping point that leads to many symptoms including aches and pains, insomnia, gut problems anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, burnout, or at worst suicide.

Everyone – all of us – has history, we have our own backstory. No one escapes stress, overwhelm, and trauma at various stages of life. It is part of life. There are those situations we have control over and those we don’t. Did you know that every stressful, overwhelming, or traumatic experience from birth builds tension in the body? Would it surprise you to know that it is this accumulation of tension over the years that causes so many underlying problems? Let’s not forget Covid lockdown exacerbated the problems for millions across the world. The stats remind us of the downward spiral for those battling mental health is still on the rise and is causing a lot of head scratching for business leaders.

What are the current options?

From Charities through to global organisations there is a lot of ‘box ticking’ going on to address the situation. The same familiar practices are rolled out from encouraging peer talk, counseling, coaching, or allowing time out whether for Doctors’ appointments or signing-off work, which can run into weeks, months even years.

There is the feel-good factor that many crave. It comes for example from drinking, eating (the wrong kind of foods), smoking, over-exercise, overuse of technology, or gambling.

Those with deep pockets can invest in a plethora of therapies and treatments. But like everything else the reason there is no lasting effect is because healing must come from the inside out not the other way round.

Why will they never really work?

Accepting the cause of mental health is tension in the body’s muscle memory it becomes obvious you cannot talk it out. More so when one is unaware of the problem that causes the problem. Blocked memories, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, and lack of self-belief often go back to adverse childhood experiences.

Medication is like sticky plaster; it is not getting to the cause. The added risk of side effects or at worst addiction does not sound like the solution either.

Substance abuse and OCD behaviour is a way of masking the problem but unfortunately for many can become an addiction.

Ignoring the problem altogether eventually leads to burnout or more serious health problems.

What if?

  • What if it was possible to heal from the inside out?
  • What if we all take responsibility for our well-being?
  • What if there were a solution that 99% improves physical, mental, and emotional well being and not by chance?
  • What if after 5 weeks high levels of anxiety and depression are reduced by over 60%?
  • What if there were a sustainable, cost-effective solution that thanks to technology could reach out to thousands at any one time?
  • What if there were something all your staff could do in less than one hour a week, that would enable them to be happier, more energized, focussed, productive, creative, and healthier on every level?
  • What if your staff were so resilient they could deal with anything and remain calm?
  • What if there were something you could lead your staff with that would create positive team building?
  • What if your company could try it for free?

Time for change

The answer to all the above is yes, it is possible. If as a leader you share the same optimism and are ready for a change in leading those on your payroll on a journey to eradicate mental health concerns then time for a new conversation. We live in a world of change and have many challenges ahead to deal with. We need organisations where people are healthy, in balance, and resilient. If you think you have tried everything, there is one more thing to try! Just one conversation could be a game-changer.

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