Reetika Arora, Business Partner- HR & Training, Compliance Hawks Private Limited

Reetika Arora is a life coach, entrepreneur, and mentor in the field of fitness and health. She educates and inspires the youth with deep knowledge about adapting to workable and long-term choices leading to a healthier lifestyle through personalized coaching, as well as through the means of podcasts, and other social mediums. Her tips come in handy when you are unsure about how to commit to fitness sustainably. She has interned and worked with few renowned organizations before she forayed into the world of fitness with the inception of, “Find Your Healthy with Reetika.” Additionally, she also supports her father by handling the HR vertical of their firm. She is very passionate and inclined towards channeling her creative energy and often found indulging in art and craft. She also runs initiatives for better management and welfare of stray animals, along with a small group of animal lovers.


Today, everyone aspires to be an entrepreneur, and I mean nothing wrong with that. If you have an idea and are passionate about something, go ahead and do it. To me, entrepreneurship is following your passion and turning your cants into cans. I would love to go with the saying, “Better an oops than a what if”, the reason being that, if you don’t even try and take a chance, you miss out on what could be the biggest adventure of your lifetime.

Forget being a failure, but without trying you also kill the chance of making it big, of being the next game-changer, and doesn’t this world in dire need of one? True leadership is staying true to your mission, and I wouldn’t say no that being in power does give a kick and gives a sense of validation, however, at the end of the day, before going to bed, you should be satisfied with how you performed, another day investing in your dreams.

I have had my struggles with a positive body image. Being overweight, and a chubby little girl, not everyone would pacify me with being cute. I embraced a healthy lifestyle whilst progressing from elementary to high school. And now when I look back, I feel content and proud of myself for learning and unlearning, at each stage of life and being able to imbibe positive and sustainable lifestyle changes.

The intent of starting my brand, “Find Your Healthy with Reetika, was to help people with effective and flexible workout and nutrition plans for sustainable fitness. I try hard to educate and spread awareness as I believe over the years, I have learned a lot, the things that work and the things that are a sheer waste of time and I want to help people in being aware and not go
through the tireless, vicious cycle of repeating the same mistakes I once did, with no results whatsoever. I want to instill body positivity right from the teenagers so that we can have more confident young guns that can be the true mascots of Healthy India.

Yes, there are a lot of factors that can supplement your journey; like having connections, resources in terms of funding, intelligence, experience, and most importantly the time to do it all. However, I believe nothing beats the intrinsic sense of completeness and being motivated to turn your ideas into reality. You might have all the ingredients ready in terms of being
resourceful or you might not have anything to start with other than your idea, what sets you apart is what steps you take to implement your thoughts into action because without an action plan, ideas are just thoughts, they come and go.

As a young woman in 21st Century India, I am grateful that the country is finally loosening its noose around women’s necks, and focusing on creating more opportunities for women entrepreneurs. The government is also doing its bit with various schemes and funding opportunities to boost women’s participation. For time immemorial, the opinion that women belong at home, taking care of their families, doing household chores, and somehow this has been conditioned over the years in shaping our mentality that as a woman, your priority is your family, and then your career.

I consider myself very lucky in this regard for having been blessed with supporting and encouraging parents, who keep pushing me to do better each day and surpass my expectations. As far as I can tell, as a woman entrepreneur, society will often not be supportive and there would be people who will make sure that you give up, but during such trying times, more than anything else, you have to believe in your capabilities and remind yourself as to why you started in the first place. The idea is not to prove others or society wrong but to have a sense of pride and accomplish your own goals, let your product/service speak for itself. Creating a brand isn’t a cakewalk, it requires hours of incessant efforts and groundwork, to keep innovating and stay on your toes.

The beginnings are always tough but the journey is so beautiful and worth it all, there would be days you would want to give up, and there would be days nothing will be able to stop you. Strive for the latter, and on days you can’t just relax and breathe, there’s always hope as, “Tomorrow is another day and I will try again.”

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