Gaurav Jalan, Founder and Director, Packman Packaging

Gaurav Jalan is the Founder and Director of Packman Packaging, one of the largest Indian packaging companies that have been serving some of the world’s eminent technology, pharmaceutical, retail, fast-moving consumer goods, food, courier, publication, Jewellery, fashion, e-commerce organizations for the past 30 years. A brilliant academic, a good graphic designer, and a graduate from India’s top management institutes, Mr. Jalan is a visionary businessman and an eminent spokesperson on matters related to the Indian Packaging industry.


Goods are supplied and delivered all around the globe, and one of the critical areas that can assist to make a product turn into instant success is the product’s packaging. Once you get it incorrect and the consequences could be drastic. Because after all, as they say, the first impression is the last impression these days. Keep it in mind that your customers’ experience with your brand is not merely restricted to your online presence; it goes way beyond it. And prior to they even get an opportunity to see your product, what they will be met with is the box that the product or item arrives in.

Perhaps, it is a simple brown box bearing the company’s logo on it, or might be it is an eye-catching, high-quality package bearing impressive designs. Irrespective of e-commerce merchants who aspire for their brand to stand out need to incorporate their business identity into every individual shipment.

Through this article, we will exclusively talk about essential guides to opting for the proper shipping box for your product. Here are some of the vital aspects to look for. 

  • Size And its Structural Virtue

The first and foremost thing you should do is get the size of your shipping box right to avoid a series of problems or other issues. Using too big a box will simply turn out in excess shipping charges for the space that it covers, meanwhile selecting a small shipping box will cause the product to get damaged by the time the package reaches its desired destination.

Your box size ought to be precisely matched with the product that you are shipping, with an added room to include protective fillers. Keep about three inches of padding in your shipping boxes as this will support protect items that could be damaged by constant handling (scuff marks, dirt, labels).

If you are those who are selling covertly shaped products, go for shipping boxes that accommodate each of them. What you keep around and inside the box all play a critical role in minimizing the impact of transit. By adding sufficient polystyrene foam makes sure that your boxes are correctly labeled, as it will go a long way in protecting your product.

While the structural virtue of the box should also be perfect at the beginning of the shipping process. There is a broad array of kinds, weights, and strengths of boxes to opt from, along with several other shipping supplies, cushioning materials, and proper labeling.

  • Great Ability To Travel

Besides from getting the right box, your shipping boxes have to be strong enough to travel from one destination to another with no or minimal damage. If the products are fragile or bulky, you will have to pay extra attention to materials that are specifically, designed for strength. On the other hand, if your products are merely going to be sitting on the store shelves, then you must need to focus more on the exterior display portion; this is where a high-quality print finish for example like a UV-treated, liquid-based, high-gloss coating, will be a top option. 

Actually, it costs extra to replace damaged products than spending on proper packaging protection. For products that are a bit more heavy-duty, shipping boxes made out of a hard-bearing thing such as a corrugated board is a top option since it lends incredible support.

  • Material

The method you would not wish to make a house or building that cannot survive every weather (think of the extreme summer, rain, humidity, or winter). In the same ways, you would not also want your products to be placed or transported in boxes made of incorrect material either. When opting for the quantity, (the thickness or weight) of your shipping box material, you have to consider what is suitable for your product.

  • Corrugated Materials

This is one flexible yet robust material and is great for heavy or fragile items, e-commerce or retail packages, shipping cartons, and subscription boxes.

  • Paperboard

This is a lightweight material that lends excellent quality printing results and is good for dairy, food, pharmaceuticals, hardware, and cosmetic based products.

  • Design

The appearance or looks of your box will depend on the version you select. Eco mailer boxes are the rawest and most natural options and make a good minimalist option to go with. It will attract attention to detail, such as a short catchy phrase or a logo.

You have to make your shipping boxes more memorable, and you can do it by applying branded colors, imagery, or by displaying elements of your business. Customized boxes that appeal to your buyers or customers can also improve the overall brand awareness and leave a long-lasting impact.

 Every year several e-commerce companies launch their business. And many of them shut down too. In a world that is generally a perception-based, one needs to understand a customer’s perception is everything. One of the most common reasons why people give a poor rating of products or services is the lack of proper or secure packaging. Just imagine your product is great but when it reaches the customer they found the package torn or weary for whatever reason. This damaged package is good enough for the customer to think that if the package is damaged or is of poor quality then the product may not be good too.

For e-commerce businesses specifically, paying attention to the product packaging is important because people are getting attracted to your product through online campaigns and this is where the trick lies. If packaging goes wrong they often feel that what they saw about the product online is actually not good enough as simply the packaging is of poor quality. Thus, following the above-mentioned points may help your e-commerce business to grow more if implemented properly.

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