Meenakshi Dawar, Head of Experience, Spinny

Meenakshi Dawar, Head of Experience at Spinny, reveals how she has been seamlessly navigating her professional journey.


Have you ever felt the joy of building & being a part of the company which is exactly what you wanted to take up as a professional? I have 🙂 Touchwood, I’m one of those fortunate few who have been with Spinny since Day Zero.

Before my journey here began, I was in touch with Niraj, the Founder and CEO. He had shared his idea of establishing a company that resolved a specific problem of customers – buying or selling cars without undue worries.

Bingo! I could correlate with the problem immediately. That’s because at that time I was myself in the process of selling my car. To be quite honest, the word ‘process’ seems an understatement. Interacting with car dealers at that point was not easy, to say the least. Naturally, I understood how difficult it was for me, or other people, to sell (or buy) a used car. Additionally, purchasing a used or preowned car was another challenge. The low trust quotient between car dealers and customers like me, made the process even more tedious. Because of this inherent trust deficit, the buying process was wrought with complexities.
So, when Niraj spelt out how his model for buying and selling used cars pivoted around the pillars of trust and transparency, the idea immediately resonated with me. It was crystal clear that I wanted to work at Spinny. Once on board, the first hiring Niraj and I did jointly for the Company, was for the Operations Team. From a workforce of 30 or 35, we now have more than 3000-plus people. During the interim, almost everything, including the Company’s policies, have seen paradigm shifts.

What makes Spinny an ideal place to work and learn are its employee focussed policies. It is an equal-opportunities employer and we have several special initiatives for women. My journey at Spinny has been tremendously fruitful and enriching. As a part of the Core Team, I’m currently leading the Customer Experience and Support Functions. I work on driving a deliberate, disciplined design and delivery of used-car experience to customers. I am also the head of POSH Community at Spinny. Previously, I was leading the Spinny Assured P&L. Since I joined the company on Day Zero, I’ve handled multiple departments on numerous occasions as and when needed.

As aforementioned, Spinny’s policies are one of the primary reasons why employees prefer having long tenures here. Our employee-centric policies have particularly come to the fore during the pandemic. When the pandemic broke out, it was one of the first companies to declare a complete work-from-home regime in March 2020. Moreover, few may be aware that Spinny remains the first-ever in India’s auto industry to offer women 12 days of menstrual leave. Since Spinny’s Squad is constantly growing and ladies represent 20% of our family, the menstrual leave policy is a thoughtful initiative. We also have a Family Adoption policy and an empathetic culture that inspires everyone – including yours truly! – to put their best foot forward daily when working at Spinny. Some of these policies are the first-ever in the auto sector. Our forward-looking policies are designed to stay in tune with evolving times while providing an environment that inspires the Spinny Squad to do their best work every day.

Finally, every staffer has a say in the processes and decisions declared, driving the belief that this is their company in more ways than one. I believe each employee has taken this dictum to heart and performs their assigned tasks with passion. And, honestly, I am no exception.

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