Ragini Varma, Growth Lead, Fynd Platform

Ragini Varma is the Growth Lead at Fynd Platform, India’s leading economical holistic e-commerce software solution company. Ragini runs product, growth, and marketing for Fynd Platform. She is also responsible for gross merchandise volume, user growth and retention for all Fynd Apps.


Ecommerce is no longer a layman’s term, as the world moves into a deeper digital age, online shopping has become a habit rather than a hobby. About 60% of mobile phone users have shifted to online shopping to search for products and then make a decision. Covid-19 has disrupted the e-commerce industry. Consumers are now buying products online which were rarely bought before the pre-pandemic area. From groceries to mobile phones, brands have to now think of a way to go where their consumers are. While newer brands with competitive price points and better products are coming out, it is important for organisations to make online shopping seamless, safe and transparent.

Traditionally, consumers used to throng stores to try on their favorite brands, technological advancements like AR platforms make try-ons easy as well. Imagine browsing through glasses online and trying it on at the comfort of your home, you go where your consumers are.

Self-serve platforms like Fynd Platform, Woocommerce, etc. has made it easier for brands to get access to no-code platforms and create their online store quickly. These e-commerce experts have toppled the retail industry with the creation of powerful platforms capable of indelibly changing the ways in which consumers interact with their favorite brands.

New age brands are now looking to connect directly with their customers. It is important to take the leap of diversity for brands and move away from the traditional way of reaching customers. Social media presence is imperative. Brands have to constantly rethink their marketing strategies and strategically keep spends for digital platforms and influencer marketing.

With easy rules to set up your online store and more demand, it becomes a no brainer for brands to go online. Low barriers for brands to enter the online world plus a lot of user-generated content in terms of reviews and ratings help customers make an informed choice plus help brands get a chance to prove their products or make their product better with the help of reviews. Apart from creating their own sales channel, brands have the options to choose marketplaces which have the best product fit for them. 

New commerce brands also have the first mover advantage compared to traditional brands who work on brick and mortar stores. With same day delivery soon becoming a norm, it’s a battle of who shall reach the customer first. Logistic companies have revolutionized the way a product reaches the consumer. It’s no longer a battle of finest but the battle of the fastest!

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