Tanaya Sarma, Co-Founder, Speaking Herbs

Tanaya Sarma is the Co-Founder of Speaking Herbs since its inception. She firmly believes that with the help of clean consumer products, can go a long way without compromising the generations to come. Speaking Herbs was conceptualised as an effort to make clean and responsible consumer products accessible to everyone. Miss Sarma has completed her Masters of Technology in Biotechnology from VIT (Vellore). She has hands down knowledge in natural product technology and after working in a startup ecosystem for over four years now.


The COVID-19 pandemic has modified the globe and the way we live. The global market has been very dynamic and we have seen phenomenal changes in the past year and a half. Likewise, the beauty and wellness market is adapting to the new traditions and it has been doing exceptionally well. New concepts and initiatives are being introduced by massive beauty brands to make sure there is continued client interest and loyalty. This niche is currently evolving and holds the new trends brought by the pandemic.

Post pandemic a lot has changed; masks are in vogue and the sanitisers are here to stay. Skincare was and will continue to remain an integral part of our daily lives. With each passing day, skincare is now more and more innately aligned with our health and overall wellness. The business has shown resilience, and is now getting back on its feet, and how! The beauty business, which incorporates skincare, haircare, fragrances, and cosmetics, remains in demand.

Emerging trends still form the business, because it evolves to become a lot relevant within the new world. A number of these trends are delineated below.

  1. Organic Merchandise

The demand for organic merchandise is on the increase. New-age shoppers are getting acutely aware of their health and wish to remember the ingredients in their personal care products. Such shoppers are more and more shifting toward brands that use natural ingredients, follow moral producing processes, and provide vegetarian or cruelty-free merchandise. Cosmetic brands that are on the stand of testing on animals are seeing a decline in their growth, forcing them to introduce product lines that are cruelty-free to forestall the loss of market share.

  1. Product Development & Personalisation

This is the day and age of obtaining everything individualized and custom. Skincare isn’t way behind. A lot of and a lot of corporations are going towards customisation of their merchandise in step with the requirements of their shoppers. From personalising shampoos to moisturisers, this trend is here to stay.

  1. Inclusive Beauty

Inclusivity is a good trend that we are witnessing these days. Brands are coming up with products that will suit every skin color and hair type. The typical light skin, straight hair and skinny bodies are slowly getting replaced by every skin, body and hair type. Inclusive beauty is here for good.

  1. DIY Tending & Hair Care

With the closure of salons, DIY packages for hair, nails (stick on nails), and skin have witnessed a rise in demand. Plenty of individuals have gotten aware and alert to what goes into their skin care products. Several shoppers wish to remain at a distance from fillers and preservatives. With DIY tending, many users are now able to recognize what they’re putting on to their skin.

  1. Clean & Conscious Beauty

More and more beauty labels are coming up with no animal products, cruelty free, toxic chemical free products. There is also a rise in ingredients based products. Many brands have stopped the use of single use plastic in packaging as well as shipping and that has allured potential users. There is an upward trend in customer behaviour when it comes to clean and conscious products.

  1. Male Tending Merchandise

In recent years we have seen an incredible rise in men grooming products. Earlier there would be just a couple of men’s skincare products available in the market. Now you can see a wide range of skincare, haircare and personal care products meant only for men.

  1. Sustainable Merchandise

New-age shoppers are involved concerning the atmosphere, and demand merchandise that are sustainable and biodegradable. Beauty brands have already understood this transformation in perception. In 2020, several brands endowed important resources to launch eco-initiatives.

  1. Scalp & Eye Care

Hair, scalp, and eye care are known as major beauty trends in 2021. With masks concealing the lower half of the face, the main target has shifted to eyes and hair. Sales of eye care products have doubled throughout the pandemic, whereas sales of lip colours have declined, thanks to exaggerated use of masks. Leading makeup brands are launching new products for eye care. Scalp care is the new trending, with semiconductor diode hair masks, scalp scrubs, serums, and oil treatments flooding the market. This market has a vast potential as well.

  1. E-commerce and digitalisation

The digital growth that has been seen in the past one year has been phenomenal. With almost every business going digital, we now have many new digital first skincare and personal care brands coming up in a big way. Recent data shows that consumers are more and more likely to increase their online engagement and further spending.

Key players are noting the trends in consumer preferences and  accordingly planning their products and services. Technology also plays a pivotal role in changing the industry’s dynamics, many digital first skincare brands have come up and there will be many more in the future. The beauty business is shifting and adjusting to the new era. The truth is, business trends would still alter with time, however preference for eco friendly, clean labels and non toxic products, will  possibly continue for a long run.

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