Aman Trehan, Executive Director, Trehan Iris

Aman Trehan the third-generation staunch entrepreneur in the realm of Real Estate in his family, completed his schooling from Airforce Bharti, Delhi and joined the Amity Business School in 2005 for BBA. He began his career at a very young age as he joined his family business to understand the nuances of the industry, alongside college. Today at 35 years, Aman has successfully been running his business for 15 years. With a total experience of 15+ years in the realty industry, he further aims to expand the business into different segments in the future.


Infrastructure development of any place is directly proportional to the economy and real estate business of that place. The expansion of resources into the business is going to mark up to new heights. Understanding the important elements that drive the property marketplace is important on investment of the potential buyer. Lack of road, rail, or air connectivity to any specific place results in a decreased price of the property. Every real estate business is directly dependent upon the location of the property.

Bullet train has been a boon to every business despite the fact where it is established. The trend towards urbanization and the increase of large towns will genuinely make residential real estate prices for years to come. This project has come up with new diameters to our business. This would be a splendid surge for the market of Noida, Varanasi, and Delhi. Since the real estate business has kept on enhancing its empire but due to this new project, Delhi Noida and Varanasi have got new dimensions in the field of real estate. Easy and fast connectivity between Delhi Jewar Airport varanasi covering all the pilgrimage destinations will have an immense impact on the future of real estate business.

The introduction of bullet trains will rise in more transportation and feasibility of the resources. We are expecting it to be more fruitful. Though Noida is an industrial sector and Varanasi and Delhi are residential which means transportation is the major means one common man would demand, in order to do daily up and down. There would be a gradual hike being noticed after the project gets started at the price of a property.

This bullet train being started can be recognized in every metropolis for infrastructure improvement under this initiative. This would help people to avail better facilities from the metro cities with access to less time wastage. There is an increased demand for a home that has ample resources nearby and easy accessibility to them. Homebuyers are drawn to housing hubs on the basis of resources and comfort together with malls, supermarkets, banks, meals and, entertainment centers, proper transportation, and so on.

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