Ankit Dudhwewala, Founder of CallHippo and

Ankit Dudhwewala is the Co-founder and CEO of Appitsimple Infotek, a company that builds and runs digital products. Appitsimple runs CallHippo – a SaaS-based VOIP product, and SoftwareSuggest – an IT software and services discovery platform and runs it successfully. As the co-founder and CEO of Appitsimple, Ankit sets qualitative and quantitative objectives for the organization. Ankit coordinates with team members to ensure set goals are met and review objectives periodically. While Ankit has competencies in multiple domains, ‘he excels at sales and marketing.


In the present times, communication is a critical element be it for personality development or businesses. The working and growth of any business or brand are dependent on their communication with their customers. Call management is one such element that helps in effective communication.

It helps in managing and optimizing the business calls. It is all the more critical in the case of brands and corporates, which are time-sensitive industries and where every second counts. Since the work is on-going and the employees are always on the go, call management is an essential process and part of the organizational operational strategy.

The relevance of call management solutions post lockdown and during the on-going pandemic

With the entrance of the pandemic, call management solutions have become all the more important. Since businesses are focusing on rebranding and reimaging, having a call management process in place has been a major element of the firms of their survival and revival strategic plans. Since the customer calls are the deal-breaker, they are increasingly imbibed by businesses across sectors to ensure that they can allocate their talent’s time and efforts on productive work and not waste their energy on admin-related jobs of picking, transferring, and connecting calls.

Manage incoming and outgoing calls.

With call management systems in place, the firms can control incoming and outgoing calls. This enables their workforce to spend their time wisely on productive tasks. This leaves the employees with ample time to focus on the important tasks at hand and leaves and relieves them from the admin-related tasks. This is a time management process and helps the workforce to schedule their tasks accordingly.

Call management also helps keep a track of all the phone calls be it inbound or outbound thereby helping to maintain the data. It also helps businesses to streamline the calls and queue them accordingly, thereby reducing the long calls and making them shorter and crisper.

Communication with customers

Since with this process, the brands communicate with their customers, this strategy can be a maker or breaker for any organization. A great customer experience will prove to be beneficial for the businesses while a poor-quality call will lead to a loss in customer base, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Integration with software and CRM

There are various call management offering solutions available in the market. They can be integrated with telephony software which will help the employees to control and direct calls via their computer. When integrated with CRM, the employees will be able to avail the information of the caller. These benefits enable the seamless working of the organizations.

Improves productivity

By organizing the call flow, the productivity of the organization and employees is enhanced. Not only do you save time and money but also the efforts be it physical or mental. 

Aids in customer retention

Having call monitoring and analytics in the working of your organization, you will have the accurate data about customer’s experiences and their feedback about the interaction with your team. It will indirectly aid in customer retention. A VoIP call management system allows you to add unlimited extensions virtually to the same business number and also directs callers to any extension irrespective of the location or device.

Financially feasible solution

Experts also believe that imbibing call management solutions is financially viable and helps reduce extra costs. Firms using such solutions have experienced savings and believe that it is an indispensable part of their organizations.

Other benefits of call management solutions

Call management improves the relationship of the firm and the clients thereby bringing more business and enhancing the brand image.

Encompassing various services of call recording, call tracking and monitoring, IVR, call analytics, real-time updates notification, and CRM integration and live call transfer, it is a key element for any business to work efficiently.

Summing Up

Be there any circumstances, changes or irregularities, smooth phone services, and call management will always be the need of the hour. I fact in changing times, their requirement increases all the more as connecting with customers and providing them a good customer experience is any business’ primary objective and call management services help in the same.

Indeed, technology has entered our lives and has made our lives better. Call management solutions are one such example that has simplified our lives and has reduced our work. For firms to be back in action and walk on the path of recovery, having appropriate and superior call management solutions is essential. Since a happy customer drives the growth of an organization, having such tech-savvy services will enable firms to get back on their feet and only bring back their business but also earn back their consumer base and eventually amplify it. It is one of the modern progressive technological trends and will soon be imbibed across sectors in the coming times.


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