Rakesh R, Business Head & Director, Deepsense Digital

Rakesh’s present scope of work includes managing finances and overlooking operations and business development of his firm. Through his consistent and focused efforts, Mr. Rakesh seeks to leverage his knowledge in the fields of sales and management to lead his company to become a pioneer in the field of digital solutions. His unique skill set includes a noteworthy 5 year-long experience in sales and a 4-year long experience in the field of management. The young entrepreneur also owns a Bachelor’s Degree in Instrumentation and Control Engineering and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management. He has previously worked with brands like Titan and the Times Group in the position of a team leader and HR person respectively. 


In this ever-changing environment, businesses are constantly changing, and marketing is crucial to fostering expansion. Businesses demand a brand that operates effectively. They aim to make a profit on their investment, stand out from rival businesses, and draw clients to them. But before thinking about brand performance and concentrating on the result, a company needs a sustainable brand strategy.

The success of businesses nowadays is heavily dependent on the consumer. Despite the fact that consumers only really care about authenticity and value in brands, it is becoming more crucial for businesses to be transparent about their goals. Without a strong sense of identity and what makes them unique, brands will be exposed in the digital age and quickly forgotten. However, having a consistent brand strategy will help businesses stand out and develop deeper relationships with their clients.

Brand Strategy: An Overview

Brand strategy is, by definition, a thorough plan that emphasizes the development over time of the brand’s meaning, consistency, and emotional impact in order to meet certain, predetermined objectives. It exemplifies how a brand may stand out from the competition by having a unique identity. Brand strategies are developed around specific objectives including raising brand recognition in general, encouraging positive impressions through participation, and inspiring advocacy. To enhance the customer experience, gain a competitive edge, and boost financial performance, an effective brand strategy must be well-designed and implemented throughout all company divisions. Even while it sounds easy in theory, creating a winning brand strategy can be more challenging than it seems, especially in a situation when there is a lot of competition.

The Value of Brand Strategy

Businesses can build a powerful brand by using a consistent branding strategy. It determines a company’s focus and long-term goals. It also creates a benchmark by which development can be evaluated: Without a brand plan, businesses cannot assess whether their brand is heading in the right path. Therefore, brand strategy offers tremendous advantages for businesses in the present environment in terms of prospective growth and competitive edge.

How to support the brand strategy for business expansion

The following are some ways that brand strategy aids in business growth:

Aid in articulating and presenting the fundamental ideas

Communication with customers is simpler when a brand strategy is consistent. The organization will have a higher chance of attracting and keeping devoted clients the more consistently it communicates.

Assists in finding problems with the brand experience.

The company will struggle to build trust and customer loyalty if customers have uneven experiences with the business. When their experiences consistently meet or exceed their expectations, customers are more likely to trust the brand.

Eliminate unfavorable ideas that can interfere with your efforts to build your brand.

A brand takes time to develop. It’s a synthesis of various components that come together to paint a particular picture or arouse particular feelings in consumers who identify with the brand. Eliminating bad ideas and being inventive would therefore help businesses establish brands more successfully and effectively.

Boost the awareness of your brand among consumers

It can be challenging to catch the interest of today’s consumers. Businesses now have to work for the attention of their customers rather than being able to “purchase” it. To earn it, the brand must be linked to the mission and vision of the business so that customers may feel the full brand experience prior to making a purchase.

Establishes accountability

Similar to the previous point, adhering to a consistent brand strategy keeps all employees accountable and concentrated on high-yield tasks that will actually move the needle rather than glorified busywork. Businesses can stay on course with the aid of strategy, and if they veer off course, they can quickly refocus and get back on course.

Increase the effectiveness of marketing efforts

By defining and limiting the scope of marketing operations, businesses can make marketing campaigns simpler and more effective. The business needs to comprehend its target market, their interests, and how it can best serve them. The company will strike the mark more quickly and maximize the ROI of its marketing efforts rather than squandering thousands of dollars A/B testing various techniques.

Enhances the value of the business

Having a defined brand strategy shows potential buyers and investors that the company’s most valuable asset is being grown clearly and intelligently, which may help to justify a sale whether the brand is looking to sell or wants to raise money from investors.

Create a growth platform by expanding your brand

Businesses excel beyond their branding. If a company only focuses around one product, that product’s demise will cause the company to collapse. Growing the product line is possible with the help of a brand strategy.

Last Thoughts!

A powerful brand strategy may help a business advance and reach its full potential. Although creating a strong brand takes time, it is essential to do so in order to grow market share and avoid becoming trapped in a situation where no obstacle can affect the brand’s position. As a result, the brand strategy successfully captures existence. The value must be real and targeted at the chosen niche demographic. Therefore, a strong brand strategy is crucial for a business’ quick development.

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