Bhavesh Goswami, Founder & CEO, CloudThat

Bhavesh Goswami is a stalwart in the Cloud Computing space with an illustrative experience of working for companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft since 2005. He was in the initial development team of Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) in Seattle where he helped launch the first service of AWS. Later he moved to Microsoft where he worked on some of the initial cloud products that Microsoft built. Bhavesh began his entrepreneurial journey as Founder & CEO of CloudThat in 2012. An organization focused on empowering professionals and corporations on Cloud & Big Data, through training and consulting services. CloudThat was the first company to provide AWS and Azure training in India.


In the world of innovation and technology, cloud computing has become an integral part. Many businesses have moved to the cloud to take advantage of its benefits and migrate their workloads. Cloud computing has provided enterprises with distinct advantages, ranging from zero infrastructure costs to enhanced scalability and performance. According to a report, 82 percent of hiring managers believe cloud certifications make a candidate more appealing, and 87 percent believe hands-on experience and certifications are more important than a college degree when reviewing candidates. Notably, cloud computing skills have been in demand for years, and the continued rising demand symbolizes that the career prospects for cloud-skilled workers have never been better. Cloud skills are in great demand, and AWS is the most prominent public cloud; therefore, AWS certifications are also in high demand.

A leading technology market analyst report emphasizes that in the First Quarter of 2022, AWS has a significant market share of 33%, followed by Azure at 21% and Google at 8%. An AWS certification is highly valuable as it opens the door to better pay, professional opportunities, and other benefits. According to a report by the State of Cloud, more than 80% of people reported a higher salary as a direct result of a cloud certification. Cloud certifications expanded 52% of people’s career opportunities. The talent crunch that the industry is currently facing in the cloud technology space has created an enormous demand for cloud computing skills. 

An AWS certification empowers professionals to prepare for future trends. It fosters professional expertise, broadens skill sets, and breaks down barriers to innovation and growth. Recent career opportunity reports emphasize that 60% of cloud-related jobs require AWS skills. Professionals with an AWS certification can connect with the AWS-certified global community. Certified professionals have access to a plethora of niche technologies and services that AWS introduces regularly. The study materials and practice tests prepare cloud professionals for upcoming emerging trends. Earning an AWS certification provides a competitive edge to demonstrate the prowess in the chosen area of specializations like Solution Architect, System Administrator, or Developer. Thus, helping to garner the attention of the hiring managers by validating the desired skillsets they are relentlessly looking for

AWS offers certifications at four levels:

  • Foundational Certificate
  • Associate Certificate
  • Professional Certificate
  • Specialty Certificate

One can explore AWS certifications by taking an AWS Foundational-Level Certification like AWS Cloud Practitioner – Foundational. The career journey thus started can progress by acquiring Associate, Professional, and Specialty certifications.

An AWS certification validates cloud proficiency and helps professionals highlight in-demand skills. It assists organizations in building effective and innovative teams for cloud projects that use AWS. With the IT landscape changing so quickly, professionals should buckle up and strive for industry-recognized AWS certifications for a brighter future.

To summarize, by choosing the right AWS certification path individuals can progress from novice to expert level. Striding this path requires persistent efforts and rigorous training. In my decade-long experience of working closely with Subject Matter Experts, Consultants and as an Entrepreneur, I have found out that learning from an AWS Authorized Training Partner empowers you to gain the right knowledge and skills to take up the exams with confidence. 

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