Miten Kakaiya, Founder, Miten Says Fitness

Miten Kakaiya has experience of 5 years as a coach, he started his journey back in November 2016. This Manchester return Aerospace engineer realized that the majority of the population is lagging on their fitness and can easily overcome their woes knowing how easy and realistic it is for any individual to get fit. Hence, He spent a few months brushing up on his skills as a fitness coach and started the brand – MSF (Miten Says Fitness) in April 2017.


Entrepreneurship is on the rise – and that’s great! As we celebrate this boost of innovation and progress in our country, it’s important to note that the pressures and sedentary lifestyle it brings along can lead to a new pandemic – an increasing number of people who just refuse to take care of themselves.

From Silicon Valley to Mumbai, there’s a lot of people who worship their work but simply ignore their health. And in the long run, that will be detrimental and will catch up to you

Simply put, if you don’t look after your health, you will suffer, and ultimately, so will everything you have worked so hard for.

Whether you’re a small business owner who’s just starting out or a seasoned pro who runs a successful startup, it’s very easy to get caught up in the world of entrepreneurship and get trapped in a vicious cycle where you end up being physically and mentally fatigued.

If you find yourself in this trap and want to break free, or don’t ever want to end up in this cycle, here are five things to keep in mind!

You are only as good as your health

You are your company’s best asset! Without you, there is no one to lead the company. Every day you miss because of your health is a day lost for you from being productive and adding value to your organisation. 

If you work an hour less and workout instead, you ensure you won’t miss work in the future because of unwanted sick days or burnout. It’s as simple as that.

Physical and mental well-being allows you to lead by example

Self-motivated and self-driven people often end up in leadership positions – and looking after your mental and physical wellness will only inspire people around you to be self-motivated themselves.

Lead by example, show that you care about your well-being, and encourage your staff to follow suit! Do this, and watch your team transform into high performing individuals, which will only help your company thrive!

Overcoming challenges gives you more confidence

Exercise makes you fit, but it also plays a role in improving your determination. It allows you to power through tough phases and challenges, giving you not just the physical but also the mental strength to tackle any obstacles that may come your way.

Entrepreneurial life is like a squat! No matter how hard it tries to push you down by throwing new challenges at you every day, you make your way back up and push through these challenges. And your workouts help you build that grit that translates into real life and helps you push through these challenges.

And to add to that, with an improved physique and mentality focus comes improved confidence levels which helps you command the respect of every walk you walk into!

Stress-free you = stress free office

Stress attracts stress – there’s no denying that. Physical and mental breakdowns are not an uncommon sight in the world of entrepreneurship – which means the more stressed you are, the more stressed people around you will be.

Stress is a direct byproduct of mental and physical breakdowns, which is a common symptom of overworking. Give your body some rest, and you’ll be happier & more productive and so will your employees.

You are the best investment you can make

All said and done, your body and mind are your two temples. Everything in your world and its happiness is dependent on that – be it you, your company, your family and even your friends.

The right choices and the right routine will only boost your health, your productivity, your confidence and ensure everything around you stays healthy and functions smoothly. 

Exercise helps add years to your life by keeping you healthy. It plays a key role in reducing depression and has an overall positive impact on your mental wellness.

If you’re unsure where to get started and need guidance, you can simply reach out to me. 

Because every workout you put in and every day of nourishing your body well is an investment in not just yourself, but also your organisation!

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