R P Yadav, Chairman & Managing Director, Genius Consultants Limited

Mr. RP Yadav is the Founder of Genius Consultants Ltd. and has been heading the company since 1993. He started Genius Consultants Ltd. with an objective to provide Smart HR solutions to the corporate world. Genius Consultants Ltd. is now a 1200 Cr+ plus company with 500+ employees and 55,000+ associates. Prior to starting his own company, he worked across a plethora of sectors for 16 years with reputed conglomerates like Johnson and Johnson, Jai Engineering Limited, HCL, Business Forms Limited in strategic positions. He has also served as a Lead Auditor for many ISO-9001:2000 companies.


According to an online survey conducted by Genius Consultants Limited, 95% of individuals strongly support conducting employee exit interviews before quitting their respective employment as ‘extremely crucial’ and a staggering 60% of the participants were of the view that posting the exit interview videos on the organization’s social media sites creates a desired impact on impressionable minds. An age-old practice across all industries, and sectors, exit interviews like the job market has evolved over the years. Not even a decade ago, the feedback shared during the exit interviews were limited to the management and employees didn’t understand the significance of it either. The pandemic has been a catalyst for changing the course of the exit interviews as it has for ‘entry interviews. From online hiring interviews, work from home and hybrid work models, flexible work timings, the job culture has pivoted in the post pandemic era with paradigm shift in perception and dynamic between employer-employee. Transcending the barrier of non-disclosure and non-disparagement clauses, the workplaces and the workforces are managing to strike a balance with exit interviews on social media. Discussions about work culture, salary for every designation, growth trajectory is carried out unabated, creating a more aware and sensitised environment for new joinees.

Millennials and the upcoming Gen Z generation that is on the anvil of being employed find online platforms the safest medium to gain knowledge and make an informed decision about anything important. The easy access and heavy engagement with social media make it a preferred option for workplaces to build their image too. As a result, uploading exit interviews on social media platforms has made information about organisations more accessible and eliminating any ambiguity creating a sentiment of trust for prospective employees as well as existing ones. Some independent platforms like GlassDoor, Ambition Box offer an option of anonymity to ex or existing employees to share their experiences while guarding their privacy. LinkedIN, a widely used platform for working professionals is also a credible platform for uploading the views.
Since generations, these exit feedbacks have been seen as confidential information as it discloses how the company functions in a detailed manner. Contrary to the old school thought, revealing exit interviews to the outside world gives way for improved transparency and voices the frank opinions and remarks of every employee, which in turn also encourages workplaces to maintain a healthy work environment and work on any loopholes in the industry.

Organizations can establish themselves as an authentic and credible one in the industry by carefully evaluating trends or overlapping reasons in the exit interviews. Having the exit interviews uploaded online, organizations will be aware of their performance and standing, when compared to other similar companies. Employees embracing the culture of candour during these exit interviews are appreciated as it will boost confidence and inspire the other employees in the organization to carry it forward.

Disclosure of these exit surveys on social media sites has the potential to generate worthwhile impressions as well as has threat of being criticised mercilessly. For instance, a constructive interview may reaffirm the employee’s pleasant perceptions about the organization, given that their time there was satisfactory and rewarding. Subsequently, these positive feelings of the employee are bound to have an impact on the organization’s future. It serves as a referral source in the future. Similarly, it aids in the retention of employees. However, negative feedback shared by an employee can harm the image of the company. While job roles turn out to be clearer with the help of these exit surveys; with online exposure, serious issues like different forms of discrimination are also kept in check and at bay. It will inevitably lower the rates of discrimination at workplace.

Employee exit surveys and feedback help organizations improve on their shortcomings and thus effectively create a better workplace environment that is favourable to its workforce. It also monitors the progress of the organization from time to time. Majority of people agree that these exit surveys also aid in forecasting attrition and hiring. Organizations that nurture the talent and aspirations of its employees can expect lesser attrition, especially post-pandemic when the ‘Great Resignation’ movement has gathered steam and retention of talent is a challenge for all workplaces.

Go confidential or easily accessible to the public exit interviews? An organization that is well cultured and accepting of the loopholes shall display its exit interviews on their social media sites without reluctance as it will only showcase their legitimacy and encouraging the companies to develop a thriving culture for their major asset-workforce.

While the west has already been practising exit interviews on social media, India is slowly following the trend. India has been known to have a more hierarchical driven job culture and this ‘public discussion’ element could be a game changer for the nation’s skilled workforce.

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