Anchal Mehta, Founder, The Knowbility

Coming from a family of doctors and engineers, the young woman took the entrepreneurial plunge and started her journey from creating content on social media and working under a company as a Business Development Executive for 6 months and later as a freelancer for 3 months. Anchal Mehta, a 21-year-old young entrepreneur started The Knowbility in the year 2021 with an aim of creating and executing specialized services for her clients. Graphic Designers also play a major role in converting clients’ ideas and thoughts into attractive and eye-catching graphics of various kinds which are used across different online platforms including social media and websites, etc. The organization has a deep-rooted understanding of creating unique experiences for individual brands by the help of deriving functional expertise from the internal intellectual ecosystem and bringing out promising results from their partners. The company has Social Media specialists and PR strategists to curate specialized campaigns and content to provide continued success concerning their goals. The team is well versed in handling tasks and works hard towards delivering the best results and providing top-notch services. At the age of 18, while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology from Amity University, Noida, Anchal decided to convert her passion for client satisfaction into a full-fledged business in the form of The Knowbility. They believe in providing specially curated plans for their clients, to offer good public outreach and media coverage.


In recent years India has been hell bound on becoming self-sufficient which has pushed the netizens to view the world from a different perspective. While the whole entrepreneur market is dominated by men, women are no longer taking the back seat and are courageously ready to run the show on their own.

The increase in working women has helped the nation advance and has also pulled many families out of debt and hardships. The inclusion of women in the workforce sets the foundation for the building blocks of equality among the younger generation and how the addition of a woman’s intellect can be valuable to the team and company.

Women, in general, are said to be born leaders and have the skillset to manage multiple tasks at once. Women are problem solvers and have an empathetic manner of business. It is no surprise that more women are venturing out on their own and setting up successful businesses. We as young women entrepreneurs serve the mass population as role models. We do what we do to not just grow in our individual lives but also to inspire the young generation and others. Everything is possible with just a little bit of confidence and a whole lot of self-belief!

Women today are working to solve major problems in everyone’s lives, they are motivated to work just as hard to have an equal repute as their male colleagues. The issues that women address are majorly those where there has been a significant gap between the perspectives of both genders. Businesses like beauty, fashion, home etc have a majority of female consumers yet there is a huge discrepancy between what women want and what is being sold or advertised.

In the last few years, we have seen many women rise to the occasion; women who have changed the face of the economic market. Women have proudly joined the millionaire and billionaire club and have been nothing but modest about it. Falguni Nayar joined the unicorn club with her business of a beauty brand called Nykaa and that serves as an example of how a woman can do what they intend to do and how strong their presence is on a global forum. In the year 2022, we should be having a conversation about anything and everything and address the fact that women are girl-bossing their way to the top!

As an entrepreneur myself I don’t feel this has been an easy journey and I understand the societal pressure that a woman faces when she sets out to do something out of the ordinary. But these boundaries, these restrictions were news of the medieval times, the new decade brings new opportunities and there is no apparent reason for not letting young minds enter the field and explore. Society has always told us how to live our lives but we are now more aware as to what possibilities await for us and do not plan to stop anytime soon. It is refreshing to see young girls taking their careers so seriously. They are ferociously competing against men and are adding valuable viewpoints in their respective domains. Young female business leaders are helping advance Indian society and are also creating a niche on the international platform.

Statistics also support the fact that women-led startups are on the rise and in the upcoming years we will be witnessing more pioneers in the making. The corporate sector has been positively affected by this fast-paced growth of women’s inclusion. The different perspective brings numerous new ideas to the table and even helps improve the already existing product or model.

The Indian government is also helping accelerate the pace by forming various government schemes like the Annapurna scheme, Mudra Yojana Scheme, etc. so women from all walks of life can start a business with the help of these new reforms.

The pandemic could not diminish this fire of creating something new, many new startups flourished during the lockdown and women for sure took hold of the centre stage.

The world is revolutionizing for the better. Most of the world has gone digital and people are more proactive on online forums. People are willing to make transactions, purchase a product and even find their life partner online. This change has brought in the need for new businesses to satisfy the increased demands of customers. The young generations are focusing on the important topic of discussion and that includes gender equality in a workspace. The world is adapting to a new regime and people are evolving. Workplaces are becoming more inclusive and brands are profiting from this change in regime. Women business leaders and young women entrepreneurs have a sea of opportunities in front of them, it is just a matter of time when women will dominate the markets and that is when we can say that we succeeded as individuals and as a society. I am waiting to live in a world where women do not have to shy away from appreciation because women do run the world!

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