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The resilience and determination of employees in today’s time help companies keep their people performing at their best while work processes shift. While everyone was working from home, employees learnt the art of multitasking and balancing work-life and household chores. However, with offices resuming work and employees returning to work, there is an essential need for leadership evolution. Business leaders worldwide are trying to find the best-suited solutions for their companies, people, and ecosystems.

Just like our history’s empires, businesses rise and fall as the times change. Likewise, some remain at the top for ages, while others fizzle out within a couple of years. The key to long-term sustained success is through great leadership. A great business leader can motivate others, have a clear vision others can believe in and can lead innovation within an organization. When companies have great leaders taking the reins, investors, consumers, and employees are all going to want to buy in.

To be a great manager, you also need to be a great leader, and many of the world’s most well-known companies have some seriously smart people at the helm. As the ongoing pandemic continues to make global news headlines, business leaders who want to stay ahead and remain successful are looking for stable footholds in this time of uncertainty. With that in mind, CXO Outlook presents “10 Most Influential Business Leaders – 2021”, celebrating leaders who are doing their best to innovate and technologically evolve the industry.

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