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Is there a set of predefined methods to create great leaders? No. Great leaders in the world do not have much in common. They are of different sexes, races, and ages. All of them follow unique methods of leadership and focus on various goals. However, regardless of their differences, great leaders share one thing in common; they break all the rules of conventional wisdom. However, there are some differences in how Indian leaders go about their business compared to Western leaders. Experts opine that Indian are often prepared for the unforeseen and ready to deal with ambiguities and navigate through changes. When something breaks down, our leaders are quick to get back up and running.

For instance, during the COVID-19 crisis, many Indian business leaders demonstrated high levels of emotional intelligence and expressed sincere empathy and compassion for their employees and customers alike. At the same time, they equally protected their companies’ financial performance amid high uncertainties. Despite facing a myriad of urgent matters, our business leaders were quick to identify priority areas and focus their energy on the most pressing issues. They set the example by making greater use of digital technologies and staying regularly engaged with customers and employees.

In this issue, we have come up with 10 Most Influential Business Leaders – 2021, who have been instrumental in inspiring their organisations to get through the crisis, raising their brand to a better position, and preparing to respond effectively to future developments. On the cover, we feature Sreedhar Bevara, CEO of BMR Innovations and author of Moment of Signal & The Roaring Lambs. Bevara’s journey is a quintessential rag to riches tale, and knowing it will help us identify and embrace the right signals to realise our full leadership potential.

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