Raghav Himatsingka, Founder, The Raising Superstars

In just 2 months since inception, Raising Superstars has already signed up thousands of parents as paying customers, with an incredible rate of repeat sign-ups. So, what do they offer? “A one of a unique kind framework first in the world, designed to unlock the miraculous abilities in babies age 0 to 2 years, the Prodigy Baby system is an online program for babies with zero screen time and no mobile applications or addictive videos,” answers Raghav Himatsingka, Founder, The Raising Superstars. The Prodigy Baby system, an easy, step-by-step system packed with engaging exercises and activities designed to unlock a baby’s hidden genius. It works with a system of five-seven-minute simple exercises designed to awaken a baby’s potential.

The Raising Superstars is showing phenomenal progress and traction, and they have serviced customers from more than 15 different countries, including United States, England, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, Hungary, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Mauritius, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi, Nigeria, Dubai, amongst others. The company aims to rapidly expand its portfolio of products, tap into new markets, and cater to 1 million babies worldwide in the coming years, to unlock their true potential and raise superstars of tomorrow. In a conversation with CXO Outlook, Raghav Himatsingka talks about USPs of the Prodigy Framework, his journey so far as an entrepreneur and much more.


Where did you get inspiration for the concept of Raising Superstars?

I have been a slow learner all my life, especially compared to my peers. When my baby was born, I did not want my son to face the same challenges as me, and I thus started studying and researching what I could do to avoid this. I spent over 2000+ hours studying these concepts and developed the Prodigy Framework and Prodigy Baby System, which I first applied to my own son. The framework started giving us immediately visible results, and that is when we decided that we need to take the framework for every baby around the world.

What are the services you provide? What are the USP and the innovation of the Prodigy Framework?

We are a Mumbai based Ed-Tech company that helps parents bring out the best in their babies. Every baby is born with infinite potential and incredible abilities that are unmatched by any other adult who has ever walked this earth. However, these abilities start eroding very quickly, starting from the age of around 2 years.

To nurture children and enable them to become successful individuals who can excel in any field they are passionate about, we have spent more than 2000 hours of research to curate and design our proprietary Prodigy Baby Framework and the Prodigy Baby System. The ultimate goal is to help parents preserve their baby’s remarkable talent and capabilities without exposing them to any screen time. We strongly believe that babies are not born to be sculpted or forced into anyone else’s ideas of success but to be taught how to define their own paths in life and become the best versions of themselves.

We are the only company in the world that has a home-based program without any screen time to awaken babies’ unconscious genius, making it extremely convenient for parents. Raising Superstars simply requires parents to spend a mere 5 minutes with their babies every day teaching them something new through our system – be it a physical activity, a creative one, or music, and guide them gently into becoming commendable individuals as they grow up.

How difficult was it to get your initial customers? How many customers are you currently serving?

Before we developed Raising Superstars into a full-fledged company, we applied the framework to our son and began to see amazing results. After this, word got around, and we began to help our friends’ babies as well, and we decided to turn this into a full-fledged venture. However, since we cater to very young children, we have a huge responsibility towards the parents to offer best-in-class solutions to help them in their parenting journey and bring out the best in their little ones. There is no room for any errors or mishaps at any point, so we go the extra mile to ensure the wellbeing, success, and happiness of parents and their children. Currently, we are serving 15,000+ customers.

What were the major challenges you faced, and how did you overcome it?

When you first become a parent, you are unprepared for the journey as there is no prior training for it. So, naturally, parents tend to have a lot of questions, and even if they are given details and briefed on what, how, why, and when, they still have several questions as every baby is unique and everyone’s needs vary, and they want the personalized attention and support. The biggest challenge for us was when we began to offer personalized support, it became difficult to scale quickly since you are catering to several parents.

We have been providing the required support for parents on a one-on-one basis for over 3 years offline, so we understood the parents’ needs, their challenges, and questions, and how to answer them, on a deeper level. We were able to anticipate and address the questions even before they arise, thereby making it simpler to overcome the hurdles.

Going forward, what will be your major focus areas? What are your expansion plans?

We are trying to touch the lives of 1 million babies and help them achieve their full potential. We want to ensure that no baby is left behind, and to be able to do that we want to invest in both technology as well as research and study. Also, while we are currently focused on the Indian market, but we also want to launch internationally since we believe that there is a demand for our system in the global market as well.

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