Queen Harriet P. Harrison, Founder and CEO, Call to Victory Queens of Greatness

Queen Harriet P. Harrison has helped over 500+ women with diversified lifestyles to experience a “Life Transformation” from the inside out. She has a heartfelt passion for her life’s purpose and mission because she understands the internal suffering a woman can endure mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Life can deplete you and make you feel you are left with nothing of value. She founded her life’s mission and purpose through seeking God. Her focus was to identify who she was and discover her own personal greatness within through God’s truth. Today, Queen has been made whole and liberated in TRUTH. She is a self-published author of her book: Call to Victory Living in the Anointing. In 2015 she extended her training as an independent Coach, Trainer, Teacher, and Speaker with the John C. Maxwell Team. 


Who is this woman destined for greatness? What sets her apart from the crowd? First thing, you must understand “Greatness” cannot be earned, it is a personal choice to live out your own personal greatness within. Everyone is born with a gift of greatness, but it is a choice to seek to discover what your greatness is and how to share it with the world around you. 

For you to identify your own greatness it will take deep soul searching along with personal struggles, setbacks, disappointments, betrayals and losing close relationships. This journey is not for the faint at heart. It takes a mental toughness to live out your greatness on center stage for the world to see. I guess, you have figured it out by now, I am talking about my life as a Woman Destined for Greatness. 

In my short time on this earth, I have withstood life’s seemingly peril journey overcoming a sexual assault as a teenager, high school dropout, struggling single parent, caregiver to a parent with Alzheimer disease, crumbling marriage, financial bankruptcy, 10 years of depression and anxiety and in 2021 I faced with the worst one of them all with Covid-19 virus that almost shorten my life. The reason, I am sharing my story is because life can deal you a hand that takes you in uncharted waters. But I have learned something valuable from them all. Every person on this earth is on a personal journey called life. No one escapes life adversity. We will all encounter oppositions that will defy our very exist of life, but as a Woman Destined for Greatness you will have to decide at that moment, if your pain and suffering overtakes the greatness within. I see myself as the “Comeback Queen”, a woman who beat the odds of life more than once. My trials and tribulations have given me a new perspective. Facing death head on with Covid-19 was something I never thought would happen to me, but it did and through it I have resurrected from Death to Life. Today, I am Living Above It All because I am an Overcomer, it is no doubt I walk daily in a Call to Victory. I have survived with the grace of God to share my life’s story with the world. Every day I wake up with the sun shining on my face I know I have been giving a fresh start at life to be the best version of myself and to share my God given talent with the world. 

My present is My Superpower! 

What I have endured revealed my courage and strength to stand ground with any giant that comes my way in Faith. Life has confronted me with many challenges alone the way, but they have turned out to be my greatest blessings because it taught me how to lean on my faith in God and trust Him to bring me through it. No one promised me Life would be easy, life has hardships with our names on it and we all must bear our own crosses. I must remind myself daily, who I am and that I am a winner and no matter what curve ball life throws at me, I will get the victory in the end. I see myself today, as a woman who is accelerating to the next level of my own greatness. 

The reason I am sharing my story is because no one needs to feel alone on this journey called life. We are all here on this earth to serve, share, give and love each other unconditionally. No one said life would be a piece a cake. No, it is not a cake walk, it is journey that requires sacrifice, embracing and living through hardships, disappointments, disagreements, setbacks, betrayals, and the list goes on. As we the people, how do we make up in our minds to live a victorious life? The answer is everyone must make their own decision because it is a personal CHOICE. When 2020 arrival with Covid-19 the world went crazy. No one knew what to do, where to go to get answers and how do we conquer this pandemic. As the world stood still with uncertainty, we learned how to depend on each other resources, to not judge a man for his color, finances nor his educational background. We came together as a people and believe in our Faith to get us through these tough times, and we did it. See there is a Woman or Man Destined for Greatness inside each of us. Sometimes it takes the worst things to help us stop to evaluate our lives to begin a new journey from the inside out. This is what the pandemic did for me. When I came out of Covid-19 suffering for 30 days I knew a new woman had risen from the ashes. The old was gone and the new woman was alive and ready for a New Life, New Journey, and a New World. This Queen is on Fire, she has the courage of a lion, eyes of an Eagle and her soul has been revived and reconnected to the Spirit of God. I know Who I Am. The pandemic helped me redefine my life’s purpose and to know there is a greater work on this earth for me to complete. So, I hope that my life story will help every person around the world to understand that your life is not over, no matter how bad it looks now, do not give up on YOU. Remember, the pandemic didn’t destroy, your financial crisis brought you closer to your faith and that illness didn’t kill you, why, because you are fearless, an Overcomer, a Winner, and you can walk in your Call to Victory. 

Decide today to take back your personal Power, Authority, and Dominion on this earth. Do not be afraid to become the best version of who your Creator made you to be. Stop waiting on the world to give you permission to live your best life. Learn how to genuinely love yourself and others without judgement. We are all spirits beings, living in a human body experience doing the best we can. Start your new life journey right now and begin designing the world you choose to live in. You only live once on this planet earth, so live it like Prince the song writer said like its 1999.

I am a bless soul to be here, to live, love and to serve each person that crosses my path on this life journey. I know who I am it is no doubt,

I am a Woman Destined for Greatness. I am Queen Harriet P. Harrison.

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